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IMWA - Race Updates

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What an awesome result for the Tudjmeister! I spoke to him on Saturday and he was hoping to do a 12:30 - he finished in 12:31!!!! What a legend! I am not too sure of his previous best, but that would have to be a minimum of a 2 hour pb for the guy! I am soooo happy for him - and of course his fantastic coach too!!! (who also happens to be my coach!!! :D:lol: )



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Well Foxy I spose it can only get better for him.


On other news, word from the race is that it is just windy everyday in busso and rumors of it being fast are just that. Rumors.


A lot of people are already booking accomidation as they loved the area with great coffee (Not that hard to top Forster on those stakes) and the people are friendly too. Mind you they are at forster too.


The water today is smooth and flat unlike yesterday.


They also mentioned that the multi lap course got very boring. Mind you I'd like that after riding the M2.

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Results Table updated on page 1.

predicted time comparison added.




7th place outright for our PRO member wimothy from Belgium. a great time at 8:55:22 (0:18:38 faster than anticipated)

jawa transitions fastest (non PRO) athlete at IMWA with a time of 9:09:48 (0:20:12 faster than anticipated) and 17th place outright.

melchski has the honor of being fastest female with a time of 12:31:23

Ashy closest athlete to selected estimated time, race time :- 14:20:45 (estimate 14:20:00) very close.

freo73 had the biggest improvement over estimate, race time :- 13:10:54 (estimate 14:30) with a huge 1:19:06 improvement.

rooster also had a big improvement from estimated time finishing 1:08:31 quicker than estimated.

Freak was the only unfortunate athlete to have pulled out.

We had 11 IM first timers and it looks as though each and everyone of them reached their goals.

Fastest split times (non PRO)

swim - wetspot (0:56:15 @ 1:28min/100m) 88th fastest swim time outright.

cycle - latman (4:53:54 @ 36.75km/h) 21st fastest cycle time outright.

run - jawa (3:11:12 @ 4:31min/km) 15th fastest run time outright.


Big congratulations to each and every participant, hope you all enjoyed your day.

Also to everybody posting all the race update data as it came to hand. A little difficult following the race with very limited data available, but with everybody's resources at least we had some news coming through.

Edited by Bourne
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Oh yeah, I'm also half way through putting together a complete database of results, race position per discipline etc. etc.

Unfortunately there is no splits per lap of each discipling. Unless that gets listed or somebody has them.

I'll try and have that done within the next day or 2.

So if anybody wishes to have a copy let me know and I'll send it over.

It will be in MS Access but could export out an excel spreedsheet with full data if need be.

(if I was smarter I'd make it into a stand alone database that doesn't need Access to opperate, but I'm not clever enough just yet)

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Bourne, why hasn't someone from WTC offered you a job, your work is excellent!

The bummer is I had a better setup ready to go than what the results data available allowed me to do.

I'm learning more each time I do one of these. Next one I should have a pretty slick setup.

IMNZ, they had some good timing data available last year, so I should be able to do a good one for that.

Plus I have another idea to spruss it up some more, just whether I have the nous to be able to do it. wait and see for that(hopefully), got some learning to do. Might have to recruit some help for that though :lol:


One thought is though, don't want to step on IMG's toes they might not like it if we do to good a job :D

(but then we are only following friends rather than major race coverage and still very much on an amateur level)


your welcome KatW and thankyou.

It all helps the interest of the race and all those involved, and going by the posting numbers everybody enjoys following the race.

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Top effort on the updates Bourne. Just arrived back in Perth this evening and enjoyed reading through your coverage.


Congrats to all who had a crack, it was a great day. Thanks again Bourne.


(Blacky, if your still reading this shouldn't you be in Belly's room helping with celebrations??)


PS How good is running down the finish chute for the first time. Unbelievable.




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I have just finished reading this topic post by post and on behalf of all the Trannies who did WA. thankyou for your wonderful support. I know that for me the thought that you all would be following our progress so closely really spurred me on. It was great to see so many Tranniea out there giving it their all.


Folks I know you probably realise this but ; we are very very fortunate. This sport is so special. I have personally seen people's lives transformed by it. On Sunday it certainly made an old man very very happy.


Steve Firth.

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PaulWilson:11:16:26, together with Fondreist, very consistent splits.


Just finished reading thru' this thread, well done everyone that competed and to everyone that put in the effort to get these updates done.


Thanks K2, where do I get splits?

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