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IMWA - Race Updates

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Heres the link


Keat comes in at 25

1 PAULA NEWBY-FRASER 1994 Ironman Europe 00:50:55 04:49:48 03:10:10 08:50:53

2 LORI BOWDEN 2002 Ironman Austria 00:55:46 04:50:58 02:59:55 08:51:22

3 KATE ALLEN 2003 Ironman Austria 00:49:14 05:03:28 02:57:12 08:54:01

4 PAULA NEWBY-FRASER 1992 Ironman Europe 00:50:49 04:50:09 03:14:02 08:55:00

5 LORI BOWDEN 2000 Ironman Australia 00:56:42 04:51:40 03:06:46 08:55:08

6 PAULA NEWBY-FRASER 1992 Ironman Hawaii 00:53:30 04:56:34 03:05:24 08:55:28

7 THEA SYBESMA 1991 Ironman Europe 00:55:01 04:46:22 03:14:06 08:55:29

8 INES ESTEDT 1995 Euro Champs 1995 00:50:32 05:03:47 03:01:46 08:56:05

9 IRMA HEEREN 1999 Almere 01:00:48 04:59:47 02:55:48 08:56:23

10 KATINKA WILTENBURG 1996 Almere 00:55:29 05:00:39 03:00:29 08:56:57

11 PAULA NEWBY-FRASER 1993 Ironman Hawaii 00:53:29 04:48:30 03:16:24 08:58:23

12 KATE ALLEN 2002 Ironman Austria 00:51:11 04:55:12 03:06:38 08:58:27

13 NINA KRAFT 2004 Ironman Germany 00:48:35 05:05:11 03:00:53 08:58:37

14 SUE LATSHAW 1997 Ironman Europe 00:52:44 04:55:52 03:10:55 08:59:31

15 LORI BOWDEN 2001 Ironman Austria 00:54:44 04:57:59 03:02:55 08:59:41

16 KRISTA WHELAN 1992 Ironman Europe 01:02:24 04:38:35 03:19:01 09:00:00

17 LORI BOWDEN 2001 Ironman Australia 00:58:03 05:00:41 03:01:35 09:00:19

18 PAULA NEWBY-FRASER 1989 Ironman Hawaii 00:54:19 05:01:00 03:05:37 09:00:56

19 PAULA NEWBY-FRASER 1988 Ironman Hawaii 00:56:38 04:57:13 03:07:09 09:01:01

20 THEA SYBESMA 1993 Ironman Australia 00:49:42 04:58:36 03:13:11 09:01:29

21 WENDY INGRAHAM 1999 Ironman Austria 00:48:19 04:55:12 03:15:09 09:02:25

22 KATINKA WILTENBURG 1995 Almere 09:02:32

23 NINA KRAFT 2003 Ironman Germany 00:49:29 05:03:20 03:07:17 09:03:11

24 LISA BENTLEY 2004 Ironman Australia 00:54:41 05:06:54 03:01:50 09:03:27

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Bad news with PLOD, a big viewer note poster on here is that he has been pulled form the course. Heart issues and is now in medical.


chris with the little c is also not having a good day. Struggled on the bike and reports are that he did 6:40ish and has had a few flats.


The wind is also way up and word is that you wouldn't want to be on the bike anymore.


Also the finish line is amazing. A 2 story grandstand.

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Mr Flower did a sub 6 bike

Spaceman did a 6:11

chris did a 6:24 with one puncture

Maddog did a 6:02

Paul Every did a 5:30ish bike

Simon Ball did a 5:04 bike with a 58min swim.

Yelloc also did a 5:04 bike with a 60min swim. Lookin good.

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more news.


Slowman had a great swim and a 7:10 bike. Interested to see how his run goes after his struggle at Forster Half.


TUDJMAN is going well. Good low 6 hr bike.


Spaceman is running well. Come on PB.


chris is struggling on the run. Bad back so I'm told.

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Freak, Matthew Keays, no bike split given. A problem possibly?


Thanks Foxy, just saw your post, yep he's about 2 hrs behind where he should have been, indicating that he did not finish the bike. Unless they missed his no., or chip problem

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Melchski 7:23 to T2, I think she will be pretty happy about that


Steve and Yurtie into T2 within minutes of each other - all that facial hair in one place!! :lol: 8:22 for the Yurtmeister, 8:24 for Steve, and my mate Steve Jacobs (60-64 AG) in 8:30!!


Go guys, run hard!!



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Most of them yes. Here are some. At T2.


366 Simon HAYES M 35-39 1:19:07 7:03:21 8:22:28 


Yurtie, on schedule.


Chris "NoKnees" Ernst, 7:14, had an excellent swim.


Aquaterra 6:32, probably finished by now.


Steve Blum, 8:24, from memory, he going ok too.(Steve)

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Steve will, if he is having a good day, shine on the run. Now, if he would just off 6 KG's of facial hair, man he would fly! Not bad for a guy who probably didnt ride with aero bars...




PS. Tracey, I asked the boss, I think the answer is a no - well, that was one of the words she used, I think. :D:lol:

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Tracey has quietly suggested in the background that I go by myself K2. Whilst the suggestion has merit, and she added I could look after the kids for a week in return, I fear it would lead to empty house syndrome upon my return. :lol:


And more bloody lawyers bills



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Heres the top ten females - whos the tenth pro going to be - still one paycheque potentially there.

13 36 Rebekah KEAT F PRO 0:50:48 5:00:35 5:51:24 3:12:12 9:03:37

24 31 Karyn BALLANCE F PRO 1:01:41 5:04:43 6:06:24 3:18:24 9:24:48

32 35 Fiona DOCHERTY F PRO 0:56:11 5:15:47 6:11:59 3:17:21 9:29:21

41 44 Sophie DELEMER F PRO 0:50:52 5:17:06 6:07:59 3:30:57 9:38:56

45 39 Caroline COOKSLEY F PRO 0:59:00 5:23:32 6:22:33 3:18:44 9:41:18

52 37 Charlotte PAUL F PRO 0:55:55 5:33:37 6:29:32 3:15:11 9:44:43

55 872 Jacinta WORLAND F 30-34 0:56:05 5:33:46 6:29:52 3:16:31 9:46:23

61 43 Anissa SEGUIN F PRO 1:12:11 5:09:37 6:21:48 3:26:21 9:48:10

64 41 Rebecca COULTER F PRO 1:00:11 5:12:25 6:12:36 3:36:51 9:49:28

80 32 Jess DRASKAU PETERSSON F PRO 1:12:39 5:41:53 6:54:33 3:03:32 9:58:05

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logged on. Read the posts from start to finish...well done all, from this site and competitors. Great to read and be inspired by the day unfolding.

A question for later (if anyone picks this up later) Did the race weigh up to it's brother/sister "Forster" ???


Oh, and the women are getting closer, so boys be afraid




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Poor old results guys have had a bit of a shocker but the first 700 or so are there now!


Just also try refreshing the cache as it 'sticks' a bit it seems...




PS: Been rather busy this week - finaly got a quiet moment to check in!

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All transitions results are now up on page 1.

Apologies, I didn't have it all up earlier.


Some really great results from everyone.


wimothy : a great race 7th place outright and in a time of 8:55:22


fastest transitioner (non pro)

jawa tops the bill with a 9:09:48 20mins faster than his predicted time. Great race Jawa.


closest race time to prediction goes to Ashy race time 14:20:45 (predicted 14:20:00)

BOTP II also very close in a time of 11:16:59 (prediction 11:15:00)

Mrs Chief also very close in a time of 14:56:55 (prediction 15:00:00)

In general everybody was pretty close


I'll have more off a run down sometime monday.



Congratulations everybody and a great day.

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Congratulations to all!


Bring on the race reports. Really looking forward to reading these ones. It sounds like the weather conditions were extreme to the extreme. I'm imagining some pretty tired legs hobbling around Bussellton this morning!


Ashy :lol:


Does anyone have news on what happened to Freak?


Gris, thanks for the phone updates and Bourne, great job on updating transitions results!



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Before you get back to it Bourne.


After jawa was latman, 9:40 & Tri-Ox who we missed, in 9:44:18, then Silent R in 9:47.


Others we failed to pick up from the on-line.


Wetspot:10:14:56, strong finish, didn't see it until now.

Kanangra:10:00:33, lost track of him during the run, fine effort.


PaulWilson:11:16:26, together with Fondreist, very consistent splits.

MarkWelsh:10:21:11, value of a strong training program

Hitman:10:33:51, showed form at Noosa, fulfilled same here.

Mr.Flower:11:44:39, going great until running problems

Big Chris:11:31:20, consistency

Slowman:15:43, what a swim, must have walked on a bad hip, but a finish

Yelloc:10:30:11, enormous bike leg(5:04), had us really looking at him.


And LanternRouge, came in under a bit of a medical cloud(nothing to worry) but in all respects he had reason not to race........13:52 was ok under the circumstances.


PV......he always finishes(13:10)

Yurtie....did it tough trying to overcome my 14:30 prediction, but came through.


All finishers, all Transitioners, wished I was there. Great entertainment, thanks.

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Top effort by everyone including Bourne wit the results.


I woke at about 3am and got onlin to see how they all went.


Great to see your post. Saved me about 40minutes of looking for myself.


I too am looking forward to hearing from a few athletes today and hearing their stories.


Also contratz to Spaceman on a 50minute PB is tough conditions.


All that work on the M2 really paid off.

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