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KONA - Race Updates

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OLT, quite a good lead, his bike time will be near pro.


OITC, consistent, about 17 mins off OLT at 93 miles.


Form, he's cool, right there.


Mark (Hairy Legs), really cranked it up, steadied now


Kanangra, just tapered off a little bit


Gris, this is not in order, very stable, no drop off.


Pinkboy, lifted speed after a very conservative start.


Al Pitman, no problems apparent, could snatch an AG place.


TriChick, Sacha, times put her near Pinkboy


Tracy, a fine swim 1:25, a very slow start on the bike, but progress made.


Kym, times look excellent, don't know him/her?

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Okay question. Who will win from here? (2 hours of running to go)


Did Normann ride too hard? Can the 'runners' make up 20 odd minutes?!

Will the penalty rattle Nina to blow up on the run? Can the women 'runners' make up OVER 20 minutes?!


I don't think so. A German double of Stadler/Kraft to take over the Canadian double of last year...

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Top 5 at 6hrs 40mins into the race.


1. Normann Stadler GER

2. Torbjorn Sindballe DEN 13:38

3. Alex Taubert GER 14:20

4. Faris Al-Sultan GER 16:35

5. Peter Reid CAN 20:25



1. Nina Kraft GER

2. Natascha Badmann SUI 15:09

3. Karen Thuerig SUI 18:17

4. Belinda Granger AUS 19:15

5. Sybille Matter GER 19:40

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Men's Top 10 at 7 miles


1. Norman Stadler

2. Torbjorn Sindballe +13:38

3. Alex Taubert +14:20

4. Faris Al-Sultan +16:35

5. Peter Reid +20:25

6. Chris McCormack +21:15

7. Cam Widoff +22:15

8. Mitchell Anderson +22:35

9. Rutger Beke +23:00

10. Timo Bracht +25:45


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