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KONA - Race Updates

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For those without cable I would suggest listening to the spotter network. They only say something every now and again.


Lori is 24mins now on Nina. Gee that's a lot of time.


I'd almost call Nina now as the winner even with her 3min penalty.

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Current Transitioners through 2nd time check. A few of the guys are pretty close to each other.

Kanagra : 2:42:55

Hairy Legs : 2:44:59

OITC : 2:39:26

Form : 2:43:40

OLT : 2:34:09

Dave Criniti : 2:51:42

F@#king Kym : 2:35:28

TriChick : 2:43:49

PinkBoy : 2:48:15

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Lessing's 9:00 down on Stadler, but only 4+ down on 2nd, having served 4 mins.


Kraft, Bentley, Chris Legh also penalised. Bourne, have they sat out the penalties yet?

I thought I heard them say they stand down at the location where penalty was given.

Not sure if I heard that right or not. They have dished out a few to the pro's

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Morning All! Got a nice vid feed going here. Anyone know what happened to Andersson? No 2nd time check for him...


Andersson drops back

We figured he was pushing way too hard, and it would appear that the hard effort has caught up with the Swede.

He's dropped back, and has been passed by a good portion of the chase group


Thats the last we heard off him. But no second time check So I'd guess he must be out. or his timing chip isn't working.

I'd lean towards him being out of the race.

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Turn it on the spotter channel and who do I hear but Chris leito (?) on the mic. No sooner had I pickup up the signal when chris call's "Ryan the Bachelor" coming the other way from the main group. Way to spot a gimp chris. :lol: Ohh yeah and I love his description of the lead group "they are a spaced out peleton with the seven riders being buffetting by the windy conditions" A man of many words :D

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kph, although the race site is quoting mph.


Penalties all round, that puts Lessing further back. But Kraft is still ok. Some "runners" eg Nicole Leder still way back. Bentley also to serve time.

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Mark (Hairy legs) really cranking the bike, still losing time to Ben Larsen , OLT. OITC & Kanangra sticking around pretty good too. Pinkboy hasn't lifted it up yet.


Criniti, not a trannie, should run home well. But with OLT building a lead of up to 10 mins, Kanangra & maybe Form would have a decent shot to run him down. Think Hairy will finish well too.

OLT said Kanangra(Steve Firth) was the threat. Looks that way.


OITC also maintaining 36/ but dropping time on that, to OLT, I mean. However OITC appeaars to be consistent & not dropping off the 36 ave.


Pitman, could still put up a decent time in his age group. 1:10 swim, 30kph bike, should go well under 12:00.

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Belinda granger is going great guns in4th


Right MOM, she made a big surge into 3rd about 30 mins ago, eased off a little now.


Kate Major, unmentioned, is 4-5 mins behind the top 5 by my calculation. Does anyone have that?

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Normann looks amazing


Starting the marathon, Normann Stadler looks like he is going to be very tough to beat.


He's not showing any sign of stiffness, and is running really well.


He's run 3:02 and 3:05 on this course in the past ... if he can do that again he'll be tough to beat. If he can run a bit faster ... he'll be really tough to beat!


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