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Hey what bike box/bag to people recommend for flight travel for MTB’s? 

My Giant Anthem 29er doesn’t fit in my Scicon Evolution hard case and soft cases make me very nervous after seeing the damage to my hard case and bikes in bags getting knocked out of their holder frames. 

I was thinking something along the lines of the Biknd Jetpack that has airbags around the bike, but was interested to hear what others use and find, and if your bikes survive the handlers.



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I use a Evoc bag, has done multiple domestic in Australia and now NZ, as well as a few trans Tasman flights. My son also did quite a few trans Tasman flights with his. The wheels are great for moving through the airport. And can get into back of wagon with one back seat passenger.

Mine fits a 29er large or XL (current bike).

The issue with a lot of the cases with a MTB is keeping under the 23kg weight limit. To carry my Norco Optic i have to remove pedals, disc & Cassette then comes to 22.6kg. This was from last weekend’s flights.

Son has moved back to a bike box as his enduro bike is to long and heavy to use the Evoc bag. The bike box is a pain to move from car to check in, and any other movement.

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