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$6000 aerobars. Just what you need.

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10 minutes ago, Callum Dalgleish McGregor said:

The funny thing is you could buy a trinity frame, get a full suite of di2 parts, a pro textreme disc and a 3 spoke front, all the parts and these fully custom bars..... and the price would still likely come in under the top end Specialized housebrick/sailboat or a that stupid looking Cervelo thing. Oh and ventum or whatever they are. But hey they sponsor 'IRONMAN' tm..... 

I have been acquiring bits and pieces (I have wheels already) to do this build and havent really spent much in relative terms. I got a second hand trinity frame from a young pro dude who changed sponsors, and have seats and other bits.  

Oh and you would have a very very significantly faster rig. Which is what its supposed to be about aint it? The trinity frame is still pretty much the fastest TT frame out there. Even the older models. 

It is true you can get a decent 4.5m quintex (plus trailer and late model outboard) for less than this:


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