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Where does the US go from here?

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15 minutes ago, BogFrog said:

Sure, but that's not the topic of this thread...  IJ was complaining about people not arguing the issues.  Portland is not the current topic.


What's the current topic? The riots, which involves what the leaders did to contribute to them and how they responded. Condoning violent protest in the past is very much relevant IMHO and can help set the tone for future action.

If the public see leaders condoning violent protest for months on end then when its their turn to protest my feeling is they are more inclined to act in the same way.

Thus with the topic being 'where does the US go from here' they need to learn from their mistakes-condemn ALL VIOLENCE  ALL THE TIME.

So sorry but I feel my post was very much on topic..

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I thought this one was quite good  

This was not a protest. it wasn’t even a riot. Iron Jimbo and more’s identification with reactionary white nativism is as blatant as it is predictable and deplorable. Their false equivalence

One of my favs 

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1 hour ago, Mike Del said:

I feel like I must defend you here IJ, I’ve never seen you post a racist, sexist, homophobic or bigoted word in this forum.

 Either have I.  Totally agree with you. 

but he does lie and troll people constantly in this thread. Yet in every other thread he is excellent. 

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Thanks Bored@

I guess we'll give it one more shot with policatl threads... If we cant all get along then maybe it's best we just dont have them here anymore... Is that fair? 

For those of you openly admitting to trolling just for fun you might find we now just lock your account for good. It's not helping anyone and it's just creating work for mods etc. 

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