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1981 Elouera Triathlon

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Firstly thank you Trifun for correcting my memory. It was 1986 and my result was 6th not 5th.  

A complete results list would be great Trifun.  Thanks.

Does anyone have the results/articles of knows where to point me of two iconic Australian races and one very tragic race.

1981 Elouera Triathlon.  I was a 21 year old local cop who played basketball.  13th overall just 4 places behind someone unknown to me then but who would not only become my housemate but was a legend of the sport, Mark Pringle.  In 1985 Pringo and I we headed to Vanuatu for Port Vila Triathlon 1st & 2nd, before heading to San Diego for the summer.   We raced pretty much every weekend including Big Bear Lake Series which Pringo won, I got a 5th in one of the races.  Dragon also came over and we got to train with all the US guns prior to San Diego USTS. I especially remember the long bike rides up through Pendleton Marine Camp looking around at the who's who in Triathlon whilst tanks and soldiers do military drills either side. I digress.  Dragon and Pringle both had good races. From memory Drags 9th?? 

1984 MMM Ironman finishing at Manly, of course won by Marc Dragon.  11th overall with a busted knee.  First and only Ironman. Tough.. Hats off to you guys.

1986 Tamworth Triathlon.  I remember everyone trying to get behind Rickie Walker to jump on his feet and everyone laughing and then the gun sounded.  I came out of water not far behind Pringo and ahead of Unicomb. Had been training under Col Stewart along with Andrew Steele, Greg Brown, Mark Doyle, Glen Forbes and a young upstart with the incredulous name Miles leading up to this race. I was ready but 400 met into bike chain snapped.  I ended up a disappointed 11th which was instantly shattered into insignificance with the knowledge Rickie Walker had passed away.

Any help would be appreciated.


Greg Parr








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