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RNP blaze

Guest Jim Shortz

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Looks like it’s all under control now.

Didnt affect us although the Mrs had to reschedule her walk this morning.

made for a cool sunset last night though.


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Would have been tough for the Bundeena residents the road through Audley is currently closed because a new bridge is being built and the only way in is through Waterfall and the Princes Highway was shut Saturday afternoon.

Driving to Garie Beach yesterday morning I could still see flames beside the highway still.

I have to question the logic of the RFS going ahead with a burn when the winds are strong and it's not like they weren't forecast. At the very least do it in very small increments, like 100m at a time. From the look of it the fire was lit down a gully and it roared straight up the hill with the wind behind it sending embers flying over the highway to the eastern side to Kangaroo Ridge setting it ablaze.

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I am about 100m from Kuringai National Park and about 1km from the Park entrance into Bobbin Head.

They always put up notices about backburing etc but it never ends up happening due to winds. I would suggest the pressure of what occurred in Dec/Jan has made them make the decision per what Slowman mentioned above.

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