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General Announcement - Behavior

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If you’re having issues with another member please report the person/post and follow up with a comment or message directly to this account (Admino).

I have given various warning, have tried to play nice but the same people just keep on and on. It’s having an effect on the community as a whole and wont be tolerated. Bans are being handed out and we’ll be working on a three strikes and you can sit out for a month situation, fourth time you can be banned permanently. 

Below is a brief summary and explanation of how you should interact here. I shouldn’t have to write this, but alas this is the internet and needs to be said. 

Generally speaking, if you don’t think your behavior would be ok in the workplace, it’s probably not going to be ok here either. If you think your behavior wouldn’t be acceptable in the general public, then it probably wont be accepted here either.  

Healthy and acceptable behaviors

Healthy and acceptable behaviors are any behaviors that promote respect, positivity and civility (is that even a word?) in on our community. They include, but are not limited to:

• Using respectful, supportive, and encouraging language ALL the time, no matter the subject of conversation

• Questioning a members stance/position on an topic politely rather than asserting your position is the right one; i.e listening with an open mind

• Expressing appreciation when a member does something well furthering a culture of healthy behaviors within the triathlon community and beyond

• Respecting each other as adults and trusting their decision making abilities

• Approaching conflict with maturity and true desire for resolution, rather than as a fight or opportunity to belittle a member of our community

• Maintaining a positive attitude, even when you are having a bad day

There is no need for the behavior of some members of this community. If you cant be kind, courteous and respectful of others - please find somewhere else to spend your free time (or your time at work!)  

Inappropriate and Unacceptable Behaviors Defined

Inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors are defined as negative and even aggressive acts aimed at one or more members and causing them or the community  to feel hurt, embarrassed, incompetent, disrespected, anxious, or depressed. Examples include, but are not limited to:

• Criticising or talking down to others via degrading posts/language

• Social exclusion or ostracism, ignoring other members in group activities etc

• Treating some members less favorably than others

• Gossiping or spreading rumors

• Blaming others for things out of their control

• Any malicious behavior a reasonable person would find unprofessional, disturbing and harmful to their psychological health

These types of behaviors are well recognised has having damaging consequences for their recipients, other members/observers of the behavior, and the community as a whole and are therefore not tolerated.

Be kind, Be respectful

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