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Public Apology - Calf Sleeves.

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after years of ridicule on users of this product, I finally succumbed and wore a pair today. The catalyst was a nagging calf injury. The verdict is they were better than first thought, and not a placebo.

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Yup, on my return to a little running, I was suddenly plagued by my calves popping every 2nd or 3rd run and putting me out for a few weeks. Never happened before. Probably something to do with changed style due to the knees.

Started using the CompressSport calf sleeves & problem solved.  Use them for all runs now.  Don't care that they look stupid.

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I use them from time to time. Mostly after running these days but in 2011 through to 2016 I used them when training on on the bike and run and in longer races. The higher mileage I was doing for IMNZ,  IM Melb and several 70.3 races brought out some old calf injury weakness. The calf sleeves were great for support during exercise and relief during recovery. Originally a sceptic but changed after trying them. Can’t explain why they work, just know they do. 

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