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Motorcycles, show us what you got

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On 01/10/2020 at 5:48 PM, Greyman said:

Is that invite for locals? Lol. Geez mate, I’d love a go of that CRF chicken kickin’ machine one day. Whenever we get out of lockdown!

Yes mate, of course you can, but it better be soon, seriously considering replacing it with a Tenere 700

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5 hours ago, Hymie said:

Haven’t ruled it out, but at approx 230kg, that’s a lot of bike to pick up if I drop it.  I would probably be okay the first time...

Yeah for sure.  I thought there was a smaller/cheaper  version out that didn't include all the electronics of the bigger one (which seemed overly complicated).

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2 hours ago, Hymie said:

The simplicity of the Tenere attracts me, no rider modes etc.  Just click her into gear and away you go.

If I get another moto, I'm really after a 'tinkerer' cafe ride bike which is also capable of a longer (ish) distance but nothing over 160kms (my Mum's house is about 120kms).

My racing days are over and my ego is safely in my pocket. No epic rides or knee scraping, also want minimal kit requirements (no winter riding). Also needs to take up minimal space in garage.

Something like a Street Twin or RE Interceptor would suit me fine.

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5 hours ago, Hymie said:

Been looking into that and the 700s from Yamaha. Only thing that puts me off is the quality of the finish and a pommie winter in the garage.  Other option might me a 2nd hand Z900RS when the prices drop a bit.

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