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Big Husky Classic 2020

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Overall I had a pretty good day. Was going to do the ultimate but training leading up to Christmas and over the holidays was less then I wanted so decided to drop back and do the classic. Which took some pressure off but also didn't drive me to train more. 

After fighting Sydney traffic we get to Husky late Friday night, we are lucky as I have family who live one block from transition set up so accommodation is never an issue. 

The kids start off the tri festival as they are entered in the miniman. the eldest has a cracking race as he steps up the distance 150m swim, 6km bike ride and 1km swim, Next up is the middle child who has one of those races, get caught up in the swim then gets knocked over while running out of transition with his bike, But dusts himself off and finishes with a smile on his face.

Next up is my wife and youngest who runs the whole 2km fun run with the biggest smile of his face. I think the promise of ice cream at the end got him home for the last 500m. I think the events on Saturday are what make Husky such a great event. There is something for everyone.

On comes Sunday and my race, with the 9:30 start I'm a little lost with all the extra time but I still end up rushed to put my wetsuit on and get to the beach for the pre race briefing.

Swim 1km:

I have a quick pre race swim and then wait for the start. I start to bake under the sun with my wetsuit on but before long they call our start group and we are into the water. The swim is in prefect conditions, I lost the feet I was following about half way around then ended up by myself after the last bouy. I was hoping to get under 20min, but finished in 20:40 so not too bad. Especially considering my lack of swimming. I normally have no problem with running up the stairs to transition but yesterday my legs felt really heavy, had noticed this in the morning walking down to the race and was hoping it was just pre race nerve. So decided to take it easy through transition. And hoped the legs came good on the bike.

Bike: 60km

Onto the bike and it was crowded with the ultimate coming around for what must be their last lap and all the classic riders, I kept rolling into the draft zone so would put in an effort to overtake 4-5 people to find some open road. People riding in the middle of the road with someone overtaking them causing you to ride very close to the centre line. Saw some big packs but most people trying to ride legally but maybe to the 7-10m side instead of the 12m. 

Was playing leapfrog with a guy for most of the first lap but I think we were working well together until after I did a surge passing a lot of people then he dropped back in front of me then the TA came and told me to drop back quicker, I was pretty peeved at the time but it was fair. 

Started the second lap and the course was starting to thin out. This is where I saw the broken bike. On the way out past the tip I got overtaken by a group of 4-5 riders. 2 of these riders looked like they were on a group ride they were so close to the other riders in front. I felt because of all the surging on the first lap I better take it easier on the second lap so tried to use the group of cyclist to pace myself but I again found myself drifting into their draft zones so would have to surge to overtake everyone again. Overall the second lap was a lot easier then the first and after looking at my ride file the first was right on my target power where as the second was 20 watt too low, I may of been over ambitious in my target setting. But overall I'm happy with my ride and I feel good as I come into transition. I then see my family cheering and eating gelato as I enter transition and I think how good an ice cream would be about now 

Lap 1: 51min Lap 2 55:30min total 1:46:30

Run 10km

Time to start the run, as I run out of transition they have a dogleg set up to get runners exiting transition starting in the right direction, It's a sharp corner and I roll my ankle as I come around the corner and almost go down. Not too bad but I can feel a slight twinge on the outside of my left ankle. Last month in a club tri I ran a 45min 10k off a shorter ride, so was hoping for a similar if not better time.

I get settled into a pace that I think I can hold for the 10km  I look at my watch 4:40min/km, Perfect I think. But I can't hold the pace and it very quickly drops to 5min/km. sub 50 should still get me around the 3hr mark but the legs get heavier and heavier. I walk the aid stations taking in water and powerade. I see my Dad who is doing the Ultimate just after the turn around and give him a cheer, I must of overtaken him at some point on the run. As I run back down from the turn around I'm happy I'm on the home straight with less than 5km to go. As I run over moona moona bridge I get a gust of cool air from the water and feel instantly better . I see a kid ready to jump off the bridge and think about pushing him off but he jumps before I get there. As I run past the club tents I get an uplift from all the cheering and I see the wife and kids and give them a high five then into the finishing chute, As I past someone turning for their second lap of the ultimate I'm very happy with my decision to drop down to the classic. 

Would of liked to get under the 3 hour mark but happy with the effort.

Run 52min for a total time of 3:03:32 and 85th overall

Thanks for reading

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