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Canyon Grail SL 8.0 Di2 front end problem

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Guest Jim Shortz

It's sad... 


So I bought a Grail with the funky hover bar front end. It is great fun.... Love the fact that I can ride out to the Perth hills, ride on the gravel roads and trails and ride home again. 


But the bloody front end keeps coming loose. The headset area. I have built it exactly as instructed by Canyon, following the YouTube video to the letter and the looseness in the front end keeps returning. This morning was the last straw....the front end was tight when I left home, 10km down the road(yes road, no trails) the loose front end had returned. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😣


I'm on a Grail owners Faceache page and it seems to be an issue across the world, not just here in the Wild West. There have been many people offering different ideas for getting the slackness out of the front end but IMO anything outside of the manufacturers specifications is wrong. If someone says you build something a certain way, you do it. 


I've emailed Canyon Australia about it. Waiting for the reply. 


Chatting with the Mrs afterwards and said that I should have just bought another Giant.... LOL at least I know they are solid and long lasting... 

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Guest Jim Shortz


It's an integrated front end. So it's actually the whole thing at where the stem/bars fit onto the steering tube 

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Guest Jim Shortz
2 hours ago, KieranR said:




Emailed Canyon 

5hrs later got a reply 

Took it to where they recommended(Bike Mason in Padbury) 

He looked at the bike and tweaked it. 

All fixed. 


As a friend said before I purchased it, Canyons customer service was great. Very patient and helpful. 


I'll be keeping an eye on it though. 

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