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A new wet suit on the market.

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Don't normally give too many free plugs, but Bill form Zero Athletic (formerly Dare2Tri) was pretty good to a lot of Trannys, so I thought he deserved a bit of air time.  If you are in the market for a new suit its worth a look. 

Its the new Vorgee V-Force VIII

From Bill: 

The process to get the V-Force VIII to market has not been quick. Firstly I have had 15 years of talking to the best triathletes around the world , and as you know Fliss (Flick Abram) went out with Ali and trained in the British high performance center with him for 3 years. I also had a lot to do with 2XU . Plus had the D2T brand with Alex until he wanted to change the rules.

So through that time I had recorded and had ideas of what I wanted in a wetsuit. So when John Vorgias asked me 3 years ago if I was interested in doing a wetsuit for Vorgee, I said yes because I had finished with D2T , and had great ideas of what I wanted in a wetsuit . This wetsuit has taken 2.5 years , 8 prototypes , plenty of testing and racing, to get to bulk production. Before I accepted John’s proposal I said to him ,what we will do besides have the best wetsuit on the market, is do it very differently. So instead of having 3 or 4 versions of a wetsuit from cheap to the best , we will just do one. Make it the very best and put out at a fairer price. We also intend to do the same with Sleeveless- trisuit and Fast Skin, but first we have to start the ball rolling with the V-Force VIII. I must say at this stage that John Vorgias has also wanted me to use the best materials available, and has not rushed or cut corners. He does the same QA with all his Vorgee swim wear and goggles as well , and he is an Aussie.  

I am very proud of what I have achieved with the V-Force VIII for Vorgee , and hope that athletes can see the huge benefits of this wetsuit, with out paying $1000- $1300 for a great wetsuit ( RRP for the V-Force VIII $799 )

Tech Specs:

  1. Super Pliant Patented Compression .3 Fabric under arms , and an aggressive cut around and onto the back .This new age material is also more durable than neoprene . ( no restriction) – It is structured in 3 layers in only a 0.3mm thickness:
  1. Outer surface- Limestone base Micro Honeycomb structure – with a co-efficient Hydraulic frictional resistance of only 0.021 cdf
  2. Middle layer- A flexible Titanium alloy layer, to stop loss of heat, keep muscles softer – plus has a sharp reduction of lactic acid in the blood.
  3. Inside layer – Single knit stretch polyester- Its water absorption ratio is vanishingly 0.5% .
  1. Yamamotos patented Aerodome material in a 5mm from knees through the torso. Air filled neoprene gives more flotation and flexibility.
  2. Yamamotos new 40cell 1.3 Ti treated over the shoulders, for super stretch and flex , no restriction and treated with Ti – as flexible as our Super Pliant 0.3 fabric
  3. Grip panels that grab water , but not change your stroke, but holds water completely through to the end of the stroke.
  4. Less seams to help with flexibility, and speed through the water
  5. Design for great flotation and to help with roll to increase stroke length and power, and kinetic release at the end of stroke.
  6. Designed for complete comfort and ease to take off- with the added 40cell 2.5mm Yamamoto on the back of the legs.
  7. Reverse zip eliminates neck rash and helps with a more comfortable neck.

 The V-Force VIII we believe has the best: 

  1. Design
  2. Ultra -low resistance
  3. Super moldability and increased comfort
  4. Good heat retention for muscles
  5. Very light weight
  6. High durability.
  7. Great flotation and very well balanced.

Vorgee Retouching - 4.jpg

Bill Abram

Mobile 61 414748776


Tell him you are a Tranny and I'm sure he will look after you. 

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Bill was the Aust distributor, and I think they just changed their business model. 

Doesn't seem to have worked too well as I haven't seen much of their product around since Bill lost it. 

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17 minutes ago, roxii said:

Bill was the Aust distributor, and I think they just changed their business model. 

Doesn't seem to have worked too well as I haven't seen much of their product around since Bill lost it. 

I think I spoke to him at the Ironman expo in Melbourne a few years back. He might have got shafted by another brand as well, and we had some mutual 'enemies' in the industry. Seemed like a good bloke, and I hope this works out for him. My current wetsuit is starting to fall apart - a bit earlier than it should by the way - so I might look into these.

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Good luck. 

Just bought a new Rip Curl for surfing - no zips any more - bloody hell they aren't made for a quick on and off if you are a slightly above middle aged bloke who's flexibility aint what it used to be.  My god though, they are flexible.

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When I was traveling to Brisvegas on a regular basis, I called in on Bill’s shop (D2T) a number of times - his time and customer service was very much appreciated.

Wish him the best with the wettie and whatever he does in our space going fwd.

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