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Formula One 2020

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Criticising Danny is un-Australian And calling him white minimises his Italian heritage  You un-Australian racist 

Love car racing and motorbike racing. Always have, since I was a kid. My two brothers and I, were taken to our first car race at Warwick Farm when we were 9. I still remember the sound of Moffats Coca

How long ago was the tree climbing at Winton. I remember kids climbing trees at the old track at Winton. Some of the trees were removed when they reconfigured and extended the track. The historic race

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4 hours ago, Peter said:

Bottas can still prove he is the second best after Hamilton but the pressure is huge.  

loving what George did this morning in both sessions. 

the traffic in the actual race will be insane. Under 60 second laps.  

George, max and Bottas will be lapping people after 10 laps. 

Bottas was never the second best driver on the grid. He’s fast enough to give Mercedes a dominant position in the constructor’s championship and run two different strategies during the race - a problem that red bull has because they haven’t had an effective No.2 since Webber (Ricciardo and Vestappen had claims to being no.1 and that caused friction and was unsustainable). However, Bottas has been coming apart at the seams since Monza.

I think he’s really under the pump - he’s not even secure for next year, despite his contract. I reckon it’s a 50-50 that Russell might replace him next year.

Im not sure about the leaders lapping folk within 10 laps. The simple layout has the margins across the field quite close - like about 1 second covering the field in practice.

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