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Festive 500

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10 hours ago, Bored@work said:

If Zwift counted I would have about 60 to go. 
 still got 180 to go on the road.  I’ll get it plus km on Zwift. 

probably get 620 all up for this week. 

you will do it in one ride. I'm out still getting over the crash

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Yep. Just ticking it out by clocking up the minimal quota +/- a few % each day. 2019 saw a little llama join the family this year so I have to schedule things around that little guy... and his mum who's also going to hit the 500 tomorrow. Indoor kms counting would have been a godsend this year.

Nice work to everyone hitting the 500 (even 1/2 is a good week on the bike) :)

Happy (almost) 2020 Trannies!

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13 hours ago, The new guy said:

Easier to fudge indoor Ks.

Ive got 110 to go tomorrow, 1 last century for the year.

Suppose, given you can tweak weight and power. Still if done properly Zwift Kms are always harder than outside Kms

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