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MTB travel for Xtri

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Just interested in people opinion on suspension travel for a 29" dually for Xtri.

I currently have an old Cross Country dually MTB (Giant NRS 95mmR/100mmF)  but am looking to update for the Xtri qualifiers.

In my head I firmly had in mind to buy a Cross Country dually again, approx 100mm travel, lighter (I'm not that powerful), efficient geometry and with either lockouts or Live Valve if the money tree shoots (eg Giant Anthem 90mmR/100mmF).

Speaking to the LBS however they were saying to go bigger on the travel (which also brings the weight up) and they say you gain more on the decents than what you lose on the climbs.... they were recommending for example the Norco Revolver FS 120 (120mmF&R) even in preference to the Revolver FS 100 (100mmF&R) and my other LBS shop recommended the Specialised Epic (100mmR/120mmF)

I'd really love any thoughts or opinions on this.... are XC bikes not necessarily the best for XC?

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I did a few qualifiers and worlds in 2018. 

100 would be enough. No jumps etc. Some technical with rocks, slippery, climbing etc. But pretty tame really so go lighter. 

I went big and chose poorly. 

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Having just passed my Scott 29 on to my eldest son. I've currently got the hots for one of Trek's Project One Supercaliber 9.9 AXS  machines (spending this much might as well have a flash factory paint job).

Should serve as a useful motivational tool to get fit enough to have a crack at the Off-road ITU Worlds in Townsville in 2022.


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Weight: I'd say go bigger wheels before bigger suspension. Bigger wheels add some weight (negligible in the case of 650B/27.5) but they more than pay for themselves by returning a higher average speed.

Travel: going from 100mm to 120mm won't come with a weight penalty, going from 100mm to 180-200mm will of course because now you are in the area of freeride and DH bikes which are beefier so they're fit for purpose.

My lightest bike which is a Santa Cruz XC carbon blur comes in around 10.5kg. It was originally a 26" bike with 100mm travel front and back and I converted it to 650B with 100mm front and ~90mm rear. I had to shim the main shaft inside the rear shock chamber to shorten the travel otherwise the rear wheel would "buzz" the cable stop on the seat tube for the front derailleur. Anyway it helped roll over obstacles better and maintain speed.

I then purchased a Pivot Mach 429 carbon with 100mm travel front and back and obviously with 29" wheels. It weighs just over 11kg probably around 11.2... anyway hands down I was going faster in races with less fitness than when I'd done the same races when I was fitter on a 26er. And not by a small amount either, for example at Husky for the 50 I'd done around 3:35 previously and then did 3:10 on the 29er!

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Thanks folks, trigger pulled and ordered in custom yellow/green purple (got to be able to find your's when it counts, right?)

now to see how long the delivery time is......

then to get race fit for x-tri season (and Noosa of course)

I can hear Townsville 2022 whispering to me "give it a go...."


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On 28/10/2020 at 5:33 PM, Slunnie said:

Trifun, did you end up getting the Trek Project One Supercaliber 9.9 AXS?  Congrats on the new bike!


Pickup due Wed 28/4/21 :) 

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