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Busso 2019 - Beer Mile!

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Given last years unparalleled success of conducting the Busso Beer Mile at the same time as the IM Awards Ceremony, the IMBMOC decided to do it again this year!

Also, this year will feature a special guest Race Director (RD). You don’t want to miss this one! They may out themselves prior, or it may be announced on the day. Up to them.

Time: Meet 1:30pm for a 2:00pm sharp start

Location: The usual location, which is next to The Goose near the start of the Jetty.

BYO alcohol: all drinks must be full strength, carbonated, in unopened cans (no glass permitted) and a minimum of 330mL.

Rules are as follows:

  • All entrants must provide evidence of having completed an Ironman in the previous 24 hours, conveniently there will be one held at this location the day prior
  • Fancy dress while not essential is highly encouraged for competitors
  • At the signal of the RD, participants shall open their first drink and imbibe until complete
  • Upon completion competitors will up-end the empty vessel above their head to demonstrate total consumption
  • Athletes shall then run to the to the marked turn-around point and return – to be determined and confirmed by the RD on the day
  • Repeat the above three further times until a total of four beverages have been consumed and 1600m total have been run
  • If at any time after being swallowed a competitor's drink should reappear a further beverage must be taken prior to being declared an official Beer Mile finisher

As usual the IMBMOC encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol with due care and consideration of members of the general public.

See you all there.

Edited by Katz
Removing reference to the Half Beer Mile - RD says not on their watch! But may be considered if anyone wants it.
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My excitement was unable to be contained in one mere thread.

Stikman's Dad will be official race fotog. Much hilarity will follow once photos (and video I hope) are uploaded.

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1 hour ago, KieranR said:

Officially out of the beer mile, still vomiting, so erring on the side of caution.  See you down there, I’ll be supporting

If you’re already puking, you might as well keep doing stuff that will make you puke ;)

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1 hour ago, Tyno said:

RatDog's pace for the main event run was significantly faster than his pace for the warm up event run :D

I got pretty tired watching him skull, I mean drink, I mean sip his beers, it was bordering on embarrassing

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