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Great read Cat Lady. I love hearing from wence people came to what they have grown into. A lot of positives in every bit of your writing. Fantastic that you nailed you training, lead up and implementation. It wouldn’t be a race though if you didn’t learn something (gels !). 

Congrats on your race. Be proud and also congrats on your 10th. 


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6 hours ago, Cat Lady said:

On how I got into it and why I stay involved...

I love triathlon. 😍


Wow, thank you!  A great report and a fantastic result!

I love reading these stories and yours is one of the best.  I've never done Noosa as I thought it was an event that I could never really 'race'.  But obviously you don't really need to race it to enjoy it.  Maybe one day I'll get to do one there, and if I do it will be a PB anyway!

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Cat Lady, this is the best report ever. And I love the back story.

I must have spent hours on the bike while training for my HIM , in a hypoxic brain addled state  , doing the maths  over and over and over again, to see if I was going to make the cut off times

I totally relate ( all except the incredible speed that you have acquired with your training)

We are in the same age group and hope to catch up one day at a race , if i can ever stop getting injured that is!


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