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WTB - Head Stem Quill Style ~ 130mm

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Hello all, I've broken an old quill style stem in my tri bike 😮. The bars kept slipping and I've been bit heavy handed on the bolt tightening and split the alloy on the front bolt. Guess it pays to look at what your doing rather than just inserting the allen key and turning it 🤔. The current one is a 3T Motus style. Just seeing if anyone in Trannie land has an old quill style stem (any brand) in a spares box in the garage. Would prefer one that is either hinged or has two or more bolts so I dont have to take the levers and bar tape off and thread the bars through (bit lazy and fiddly to do that). Current length is 130mm, so will need to be that or close to. I know I can go a quill adapter and get an ahead style stem but figured this might look a bit untidy. When I'm up for a whole upgrade, my 91 model Cannondale 3.0 Series Criterium frame will get the whole treatment, re-spray, carbon fork, aheadset, Di2 etc. It will be my modern retro. I'm swapping the quill stem over from my equally retro roadie ('96 CAAD 3) to get me by for the time being. Thanks Richard

3T Motus Stem.JPG

3T Motus Stem Broken.jpg

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Hey Richard

I have a 135mm Richey Force stem, you are welcome to it if you havent already sorted one.

Quill stems dont come with detachable face plates so you will need to take a lever off and thread the bars through.

Not sure if you know but quill stems come in various clamp sizes, because handlebars have differing thicknesses in the centre clamp area. The 3 most common clamp sizes are 25.4 which is most japanese eg Nitto and some Italian like ITM. 26.4 is the older Cinelli style bars, and 26.O newer italian like Cinelli and 3ttt. If you mismatch your stem and handlebar clamp sizes they will either a) not fit or b) be loose. Tightening a 26.4 stem to a 26.0 handlebar will fatigue or break the stem. As will forcing open a 25.4 stem to get a 26.0 bar in there.

Anyway this one measures 26.2 on my verniers ....which is not a size, so I think its made for 26.0 bars. Its new and never been used, let me know if you want it and I can post it to you. (Measure your handlebars first)

I dont come on here much and Im guessing after 4 weeks its been sorted. But if not, message me.


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