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WTF - Wingello Trail Festival

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Just wanted to give EMO and Seb from Elite Energy a big congratulations. Wingello Trail Festival was a very cool event.

They had 1km, 7km, 18km, 24km and 50km. A dog run as well I think. Early starts and lunch time starts.

You could camp over night and they had fire pits all round HQ.

The weather for the week leading up had been raining cats and dogs and even driving down the 2hrs from Sydney it was raining. Fortunately at the actual HQ it wasn't raining just very cool and misty.

I have zero DNF's and zero DNS's but probably have a number of DNE's (Do Not Enter). Prior to this event I was wanting to do the 50km but just didn't train long enough so entered the 24km.

The 24km which was probably 90% single track mountain bike trails and was very cool. I had friend who did the 18km and it was all fire trail, not sure I would have been happy to just do fire trail although my neck got a little sore from only looking at the metre ahead for a couple of hours. The last 1.5-2km was mostly downhill fire trail and was so good to stretch the hip flexors out on.

Definitely a must do event.





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