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Bula from Fiji.


So, after 12 month break from racing triathlons I entered Tri Fiji a few weeks ago.

i took the package deal so am also having a week’s holiday.

There were about 10 different events over 3 days and I ended up doing 4:

  • 1km ocean swim (3rd out of about 15; 1st over 50 category)
  • Super Sprint (second out of about 15; 1st over 50 category)
  • mixed teams in the standard distance race (3rd team out of 6). Emo did the swim and a German lass, Stephanie, who lives in Suva did the run
  • The beer mile - my first ever. About 5th place (first over 50s) in 13 minutes flat (my Garmin said 1.64km so the course was actually accurate, 😂). I followed that up with a G&T as a recovery drink and am just sobering up 5 hours later.

each even had about 15-20 competitors. It was pretty laid bad and fun.

Ive been injuries or ill for most of the last year, so it was good to have a go even on no more than 2hrs exercise per week for the last 4 weeks. Just the ticket to jump start my 2019/20 campaign!




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Bula vinaka Andrew. great to see you competed in a number of types of races. Makes it all worthwhile. 

I hear you should buy a sword with your name carved in by the locals 😄


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1 hour ago, symo said:

Be there next week :) 

Did you arrive by boat???


Haha. A trial that I appeared in that involved the attempted import of several tons of Coke from Fiji back in 2015-16 ended only last week. That trial helped fund my trip. Which is only fair I reckon. 

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