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This is Kookaburra Crest Track in Armidale NSW. Might be the oldest local MTB track?  Started life as a BMX track but that died and MTB took over.  They race the local summer series here, as many laps as you can do in 35 mins.  The top guy can do 10, the top gals 8-9.  Me, 6 cos I'm a bit 💩

Might have got a new GoPro Silver for me boofday 😁

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I've only done one ride on mt mtb so far. This is the South Down Way, it runs from Winchester to Eastbourne, roughly following the south coast of Eng.  It's 105 miles all up and I'm doing the whole thing with a mate in June.



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21 minutes ago, ComfortablyNumb said:

Paywall won't let me see it.

Sorry, forgot that I subscribe. Basically a new "worldclass" MTB track in Northern Beaches. Will cater for all levels and styles. Still in construction but they are looking for a third party to run it.

Looks pretty good so far


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