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Crap in so called 'athlete nutrition'

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I haven't raced for a while but even training, I usually drink water or Pocari Sweat, eat bananas, dates, jubes or jelly beans and the occasional Snickers washed down with a small Coke when stopping to refill water bottles on long rides.

A casual observation today when in the supermarket, looking at a $1 PowerBar Protein Snack Bar - Caramel Nut Brownie ( with other natural flavor ) .... the ingredient list looks absolutely toxic! It could not be good for you if you were a full time or very serious athlete. 5 lines of all sorts of syrups, caseinates, fractionated and isolated 'stuff'.

I'm no doctor, but surely your long term health must be affected eating foods that are so highly processed. Sort of negates the whole healthy lifestyle thing.


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