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Those That We Have Lost

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I was looking through my files the other day and came across a letter I wrote almost 10 years ago. It was about one of our Trannies, Kerbside, who recently passed away. I was taken quite aback when I found out all that time ago. 

Kerbside was a regular contributor on this site. She encouraged and supported a lot of people. I remember when I had my serious crash (collarbone and six broken ribs in my back), Kerbside sent me plenty of PMs to keep my spirits up. Then only a few months later she passed away. She knew it was coming but did not tell anyone or let her spirits waiver. She always had a positive and encouraging word for all. It got me thinking about the Trannies that we have lost over the years.

Apart from Kerbside, I can recall Ian "The Green Machine" Green, K2 and Nick Munting.I know there are a few partners of Trannies we have also lost (I have not listed - you can list if you like). 

Are there any others ? 


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