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10 hours ago, dazaau said:

All the best for the recovery, glad you are on the up. that's one scary episode to have. Clearly is still affecting your life, can't believe you can't drive for 6 months...

Cheers, I'm handling it ok at the moment, but it's still a bit scary :(.

I can definitely understand why I wouldn't be allowed to drive!!

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1 hour ago, Paul Every said:

Just look at it as an opportunity to get 6 months of solid running done in preparation for your 100 mile debut. :cry:

Haha, yeah that'd be good but I'm also not allowed to train either...!  But I do see the Cardiologist tomorrow! :wink1:

The funny thing is that I was never all that worried about doing a 'miler' because I never thought it would be all that hard to do.  Now all of a sudden it's become somewhat of a challenge :cry:.

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