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SVT ; who’s had it ; had the op ?

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Hi All 

long time no post - but like similar assertions about the current state of the forum ; there is a huge body of knowledge and opinion available here.

so it’s the learned and opioniinated tranny crew that I turn for input when I need it....


with that out of the way ; have any of you (or any one close to you) been diagnosed with SVT ?

did you learn to live with it ; did you have the op (ablation) ?

perhaps even return to racing ?


in short I first noticed by heart rate spike by 20 beats at a race in st kilda in April.

a stress test with  cardiologist and subsequent visit to another ( electrical specialist) in May lead to a diagnosis of svt.

i got the ok to keep training & race my event. but truth be told knowing I had this condition really played with my head and hampered by training.

in recent weeks I have had two more events in training and racing the world champs on Sunday I had another short one whilst on the blue carpet.




two days after that race ; i’m still unsure what to do.... back off or get the op done and hope to go back to where I was a year ago...

even though I’ve been going around since 1991 ; I think I still do want to race up to 70.3 distance at some point in the future.

certainly want to train and keep fit. Still got the stoke like it’s my rookie year, even after all this time.


anyone been here before ?????


Thnaks all.

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Yeap, had SVT/WPW and had the ablation to fix it about 10 years ago.

Was diagnosed after having 2 episodes 6 months apart. The 2 options I was given was 1. Beta blockers for the rest of my life or 2. Ablation. Given my age at the time (mid 30's) and on Dr's strong recommendation, I went option 2.

In my case I think I got the all clear to resume normal activities 3 months post ablation and I've been all good ever since.

A few others (must be something in the water at Nunawading Pool) in the club weren't so lucky and had multiple goes at getting theirs ablated. In those failed cases, they weren't able to induce the SVT to be able to find the accessory pathway, to be able to treat it. 

Sounds like you're based in Melbourne. I used Jeff Allison. Believe he also looked after Emma Carney when she was going through her heart troubles.



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Hey Jabs - good to see you back mate!

I am currently looking down the barrel of the ablation due to CVT. I can't do shit at the moment due to irregular and high heart rate - it comes on during most efforts these days  but it used to only come and go every so often. Unfortunately my private health cover doesn't cut the mustard for this one so I need to either go public (with a really long wait time) or update my health cover - which will most likely have a qualifying period.

There is, according to my cardiologist, one major difference between public and private - anesthetic.  Public system will spot  you for local only and private will go the general.  I was thinking the general would be the go as I don't want to freak out during the process (I am told it is a pretty weird, and quite uncomfortable procedure) and my cardiologist says he prefers his patients to be under anyway.

Then again, one crusty old rider I met recently (on the back of great success cycling racing in Europe recently) - a man of few words - said after my barage of questions. "Nah mate, no big deal, just get it done". But he struck me as the kind of guy that would eat nails for breakfast.....

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What health fund are you with Pete? If it’s BUPA they got into a bit of trouble earlier this year by cutting a few heart related treatments from their lowest level cover - they then gave their members a grace period to upgrade without waiting periods.  It might also be worth talking to a private health fund broker and discussing which fund would be the best to switch to without onerous waiting periods.  One broker is john small health advisory - no affiliation.  

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