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WS 70.3 Race Report


Pre Race


4 weeks out from the race I managed to tear my calf which obviously prevented me from running in led up. Prior to this I was running probably the best I have ever run. With only 3 Alter G runs in the 4 weeks, I knew I was lacking run fitness. The upside was I could concentrate on my swim and bike. This was my 13th or 14th half distance race.


Race Day


I was feeling great and ready to race. It has been 2.5 years since my last bigger event so I was really excited. It was very warm early in the morning so I knew hydration would be a key factor. My calf felt great and I was keen to test it. I was quietly hoping for a sub 5:30 race if I had no issues.




Waiting for gun and no one seemed to want to come to the front of the start, so I assumed no one was confident in their swim so I moved up the front ready to go. I hear it is a slow swim in the lake so I predicted a 33 min swim. With 10 sec to go 3 guys moved directly in front of me and the gun went and they hardly moved, which blocked me from getting into open water. I stayed behind them for 50m or so before just swimming over the top as there were no gaps (apologies if this was you). In reality it would have only cost me 5 sec, but I had clear water pretty much the whole way after this. What surprised me was passing people who started over 20 min before me at the ¾ mark. It was a pretty uneventful swim and I stood up at 35 min (a bit slower than hoped but happy with swim).


Official Time: 35:29 including run to T1




Given it has been a while since last longer distance race I made a few minor mistakes with set up, but was out reasonably quick


T1 Time: 2:28




As I said above, I had time to work on my bike in the previous 4 weeks and it worked. I am not the strongest biker and usually ride 3 hours in race, this time I was hoping for a 2:55.

This course is fast with the majority of it being on very smooth hot mix with little wind. The first lap out was strong with a lot of congestion and making staying legal very difficult (as a former TO I am a stickler for the rules). The far turn around roads were the complete opposite, pretty bloody ordinary and bumpy which slowed things down a little. On the second lap I noticed the speed had dropped due to a slight headwind, but was happy in the thought that it would be a tailwind home. What surprised me most was the amount of gear that had fallen off bikes (tyres, CO2 canisters, complete spare storage units and even 1 garmin head unit). Almost all were on the better parts of the road. How does this happen?


I rolled back into T2 feeling happy with ride as I smashed my goal time whilst still feeling pretty fresh in the legs and HR in control the whole ride


Bike Time: 2:46




Uneventful, in and out


T2 Time: 2:40




This was unknown territory due to lack of run training, but excited to see how I would go. The first 2km was fine and it was warming up. Suddenly I felt very ordinary, not sure if I wanted to spew or s*^$. I played it safe and walked about 30m and it settled down, so off I went again. This became a regular occurrence over the next 4 km. Hitting the aid station with the coke was a welcome relief. Endura, coke, water and ice in and i felt better, but it didn’t last long. Hit the same aid station again on way back with better results. I managed a better period knocking over a few km’s at a reasonable pace meeting Flanman along the way (more on this at the end). Hitting the entry back into the regatta centre still feeling ok (I kept up the endura, coke, water, ice at every aid station from then on) when the wheels started to fall off due to lack of fitness and the heat (gee it was getting hot inside the SIRC). I knew my goal time was long gone so just tried to get to the finish line in some sort of shape to enjoy the rest of the day. This turned out to be the second slowest half marathon I have ever done (my first was just slower). I had hoped to go sub 2hr but did not even come close.


Run Time: 2:22




Really enjoyed the race and was not unhappy with result, it is what it is and gives me motivation for the next race. All the vollies were exceptional and by far the most polite and friendly people I have experienced in any race. The whole event was very well organised and it seemed to have a very friendly vibe amongst all athletes.


Overall Time: 5:49


Side Note


Just prior to race start I was sitting in the grandstand with my wife waiting to go. There was a bloke sitting next to me wiping his eye, but I could see he was having trouble as he was covered in sunscreen. I asked my wife for a tissue and passed it to him. He was very thankful and said I can now hope for good Karma which was a nice gesture. About 5km into ride and I got stung by a wasp!! I thought lucky for the karma as otherwise it may have been something much worse to bite me :) 


About 8km into run and I recognise the guy who wished me good karma from a distance and when I got closer I noticed he had a Tranny hat on. It was Flanman and I introduced myself quickly before running off (this was during my good period of running). I was lucky enough to catch up with him again after the race for a chat which was great. Nice bloke.





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19 minutes ago, surfer101 said:

Great report, guess your calf held up cos you didnt mention any problem? Bad luck about the gut issues, any idea why ?


Hi mate. Yes calf caused no issues at all. I think gut issues were a result of the heat (I struggle in heat) and lack of fitness. 

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3 hours ago, Notsofast said:

Hi mate. Yes calf caused no issues at all. I think gut issues were a result of the heat (I struggle in heat) and lack of fitness. 

Thats great about your calf, you mustve done a good job looking after it in the lead up.  Im crap in the heat too, not good when we do a summer sport lol

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Congrats mate. Yes, you came to my rescue are I lathered up the sunscreen and got it in my eye. A good for you result considering your training and injury. Another race ticked. 

I had a good laugh whilst we lined up to pick up our street gear. I was thinking what race I was doing next. I asked you "what you were doing next ?". You said "beers". :lol:

We will have to catch up longer next time.

Stay safe and well



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