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Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

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Chasing Scratch.  You dont need to be a golfer, triathlon addiction well qualifies you for it.

I went - it was good! I think Anna drank at least three glasses of wine while on stage. I'm glad they did about 45 minutes of other stuff besides the podcast - made it a bit better value.

Tranny HPT Pete (Pete Clifford coach at HPT) has laaunched his first podcast. Im sure he would love you to have a listen and give some feedback .  https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/passion

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I’m listening to Ear Hustle at the moment. 
it’s about prison life. It’s produced inside San Quentin prison.

its very well produced and real easy to listen to. The hosts are a female volunteer who works in the prison and an inmate.

its pretty much an “everything you wanted to know about prison life but didn’t know who to ask” 

it doesn’t glorify anything in fact quite the opposite. 

really enjoying it even though some is pretty gritty and a little confronting.

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