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Nepean Triathlon

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59 minutes ago, IronmanFoz said:

Milton’s been too kind too you then? Living the dream!!!!

Haha yep mate ! I've been learning how to worm ,fish etc with  my eldest boy ,growing veggies and now have 13 chooks! Throw in some surfing ... and well biking and running have disappeared funny cause this time last year I was thinking I'll keep going for a while.. but when you knock of work and go to this.... to yourself well... 


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Great to meet and see new (Rory-D) and old. Rocket, Mtb Boy, Foz, Mrs Chat, Panadol , Les, IronJimbo.

Trading arse slaps is good fun too - hey Miss Jess :lol:

Over a thousand there Sunday.  My son did his 1st tri on Saturday in 20 years. The last race he was only 10 and living in Vanuatu.  Now 30, he’s keen to do more  

Aleays a great day  I can take the twist and turn course but prefer the out and back  



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