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Just been reading on FB that Delly had a stroke whilst overseas covering a race. Delly is THE leading photographer in triathlon and one of the best sport photographers in the world (and that's not a platitude, it's a fact). Not only talented, but one of the nicest blokes you'd ever hope to meet. Caught up with him at a Springsteen concert a couple of months ago. Get well mate, best wishes to you and Leeanne.

This from his FB page.

"Delly was in Penticton over the past week for the World Multisport Championships (kudos Penticton, Triathlon Canada and ITU for an amazing job well done) to shoot the many great pictures that would become memories for many. He woke up in his hotel room and realized he was in the middle of having a stroke. The ITU team that was in Penticton took care of him, got the Australian legend to the hospital and likely helped reduce the long-term health implications he could have suffered."

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Awww crap. 

Exactly as you say you could not hope to meet a nicer bloke.

My first ironman as "media" I was too nervous to approach him, but we got talking had a good chat and a few laughs . 

Regardless of the fact that he is triathlon royalty he could not be more humble and pleasant. 

Sadkt last time I caught up with Delly was at nicks funeral. 

Thoughts are with him for a speedy and full recovery. 

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Been friends with Delly since the mid 90s. A cracker of a person that takes time for everyone. In fact, he took a photo of me in Port this year and sent it to me - and that's what appears on my Trannie page. 

He said in May he was thinking soon of dialling down the work to spend a little more time at home. This is not the way to do it. Get better mate.


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"Typing is still difficult for me right now, so once again apologies for this group reply.
All my hospital visitors on Saturday mentioned just how good I looked. They feared the worst. Stroke is an ugly word. But please be assured my episode was the best case scenario of an ugly word. I’ll be back stronger and sexier, and it wont be long. 

Day 5 in hospital. A lot of tests have been done. I still have a good handful more scans that will keep me here for another week. 
The good news is that the brain has no damage. My heart is as strong as an ox. My blood tests are all clear so far. Open that bottle of French Champagne. Pop that cork.
The neurology professor is still targeting tests and scans at my neck and that faulty right artery. 
The left facial muscles have all got their bounce back. I still have my cheeky mischievous sexy smile.
Speech pathology was short and sweet. Doc was super happy with the way I opened my vowels 1f603.png:D
Now as you can see, I still have my sense of humour.
Each specialist ends our session with ‘are there any questions?’, I invariably reply with ‘can you tell me where i can get a decent meal in this hospital’. I’ve managed to make them all laugh except my neurology professor.
My leg has recovered to a happy healthy trampoline bouncing 99% mobility.
So the problem. My left hand and arm. There is no numbness, no pins&needles, it feels normal. It just doesn't respond.
I have started my physical therapy programme. I wont lie by saying it’s easy. To move my hand to grasp a small water bottle is exhausting and frustrating. I need a one hour nap after 5 reps. There have been sessions of tears & anger, and sessions of gritty teeth determination.
I have watched Rocky1-4 repeatedly since I was a teenager. Rocky 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 etc were crap. My concentration in each physical therapy session have been focused on replaying scenes and Stallone’isms from these 4 movies. Now I know why Rocky was a fictional hero in my life.
Life long friend and non-fiction hero of mine is John Maclean. He visited me on Saturday. Each time I face a wall attempting to move my fingers in session, I tell myself ‘what would John do?’. I know that he doesn't quit. He is the most persistent bastard I know. I have seen it and I have photographed it over the years. I keep repeating phrases from his book ‘How Far Can You Go?’ .

When I leave this hospital in a week from now, I face 4-6 weeks physical therapy on my hand at a specialist hospital near home.

The response to my illness has been overwhelming. 2000 Emails, phone calls, text, and Facebook messages !
I have had love from the Rowing fraternity. The Swimming world. Photographers & the photographic community.
My 3 schoolmates since Grade 5 were the first here by my bed. Friends from my days in the corporate world have visited.
30 years ago I walked through a revolving door. On it was a little sign that said ‘Triathlon’.
The tsunami of love and messages from my Triathlon family worldwide has stunned me. Over my time in the sport I have collected so many friendships, faces, worldwide experiences, and memories. 
I have lived my triathlon life according to Delly, 30 years of Delly being Delly, 30 years of humour, friendship, mateship, hard work, devotion & passion, and that has boomeranged back to me in one solid swell of energy from around the world. Messages that have made me cry, laugh, smile and be thankful that I did walk through that door 30 years ago.
I can honestly feel that wave of energy. I truly do. The Triathlon world is supporting me with open arms. I am truly blessed. Thank you."

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Some more positive news, I'm hoping to speak to him this week.

"I am now home.
After 2 weeks in hospital, I am out in the warm sunshine and fresh air to continue my next step of rehabilitation.
The final medical prognosis was that a weak neck artery tore that night, and setting off the epicentre on the brain. A freak occurrence.
My brain, speech, memory, logic, cognitive and lateral thought are all as strong as they were before that evening.
I can still sing and dance.
So what’s ahead ? …. a few solid weeks of blood thinning medication to prevent a reoccurrence whilst the artery repairs itself in it own time. Operating on the vessel may do more harm than good.
I have daily visits to a nearby private hospital for occupational and physical therapy on my left hand. But the damage to my hand is no more than if a circus elephant had sat on it.
My head and thoughts are in a good place right now. It’s time for me to take a breath and slow down. I am (as are the specialists) confident of a full recovery very soon and my dysfunctional family of five fingers will work as one unit again. Today my therapy includes applying myself to a 1980’s Rubik’s Cube and my childhood ‘Barrel of Monkeys’ game set.
I want to take this time to once again say Thank You for the tsunami of hospital visits, phone calls, text messages, and Facebook love. Thunderstruck and speechless, my words will not be enough in return.
The right hand side of the brain controls imagination, creativity, and humour. My photography will be as strong as it has been, and noone will escape my charming witty sarcasm.
Be assured that I’ll be back taking on angry arm wresting Gorillas in no time. And I will beat them. Their bananas will be mine.

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Had a call from Delly this afternoon and chatted for about 20 minutes  - he's going OK. Still a bit limited with his left arm and hand but making improvements and, in his own words, "in a far better place than a month ago".

He's doing fine motor skill rehab (picking up toothpicks, rolling golf balls in his hand etc) and that will continue on. The rehab is aimed at helping him get back the appropriate functions he needs to work.

On typical post-stroke meds and goes back for an MRI in 3 months. Sounded pretty good overall although a bit disappointed he won't be in Kona - first one he's missed in 25 years. Also disappointed to be drinking decaf coffee but he'll survive...

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Got a PM from Delly today and the news is improving all the time. His rehab is going really well - to the extent they were thinking of cutting it short - although he insisted he complete the full 'term'.

He said his problematic arm and hand now feel pretty normal although still a few issues with fine motor skills but improving all the time. The good news is he can hold a camera for extended periods and has even taken himself out to a couple of events to test himself.

He has joined a gym - not something he ever imagined himself doing - and is going 6 days a week and enjoying it. He believes he looks like Arnie :)  Still having some good and some flat days but says he now has a very new outlook on many things. Once he's had a final MRI to see that the troublesome vein is clear he can ditch the blood thinners and get back to normal.

It's great to hear him sounding so positive and that he appears to be making such a good recovery.

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