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The rumours were right. The old Maitland Triathlon is back at Morpeth on 12 Nov. After 5 years on the shelf it has been rebooted as a Standard (Olympic) Distance Triathlon with swim in river (yes it is actually fine to swim in), 40km ride out Duckenfield way and new run leg out to Brush Farm Rd and Pitnacree Rd. Flat and fast. The compound is beside the river. Super Early bird entries are now open, but only to 31 Aug. Organisers have invited former Maitland Triathlon Club member, Olympic Triathletes Aaron Royal to attend the race. Royal hopes to be in the Country after the Neapean Triathlon 2 weeks early. Over the event’s life it has attracted many famous Triathletes including former World and Olympic champions Peter Roberston, Craig Alexander, Brendan Sexton and Belinda Granger. We hope to see you at Morpeth on Sunday 12 Nov. Info and entries at www.maitlandtriathlon.com.au


morepth bridge.jpg

News banner mt.jpg

runners enjoying the countryside.jpg

The river swim start line.jpg

trinsw morpeth pic.jpg

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