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Did you miss out on selection for the Cross Tri World Champs?

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Missed out on selection for the 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships in Australia this November?


If you hold dual citizenship or were born in another country to Australia you may be eligible to race for that country.


Contact your national triathlon federations to inquire about entries here:

Or email In2Adventure for further details: info@in2adventure.com.au

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Thought Id move this from the Race Directors area to here as is may be of interest to a few on here.


Id be half inclined to get on Team Ireland again if I wasnt so unfit right now.

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You'd think once the foreign nations decide their team numbers, just put it back to the host nation to fill up any spots left in the race and look after the race director who took the risk to host the event and grow the sport.


And yeah, I know top 25 or whatever but it's an arbitrary number plucked out of someone's arse initially so it doesn't matter if it 20,30,40 or whatever once every other ITU. country has had the chance to send a team, especially where we are talking teams that people can send letters to make depending on race location or people get injured or decline a start so 27 can become no 15 or whatever.


It would be great to make it as inclusive as they can for as many members as they can and at the same time support the race director who hosts the events.


We have already read in the other thread that these teams can run at loss, so if the slower members are subsidising the faster members, why not make it more inclusive for all members.

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