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I did post that one over on Tri Chat. Late December, I think it was. He fell in spectacular fashion last time, no pictures but it's still in my mind. Imagine riding a bike upside down while suspended in mid air.


We have events 21 and 22 Feb, this was our last big ride.


My commute is 14 km=28km back and forth. Here we were joined by 2 other riders, one joined mid ride.


We started along the highway going north, but turned off about 5km down. We hit broken tarmac and patches of unpaved road, over a series of rolling undulations, all novice level, but ridden at pace. I was trying out my air forks and practiced a few jumps. That went on 7-8 km, until we hit flat ground and got down on a secondary road that went along the coast.


We passed something called Port Salamogue. Not a major port, just a few fishing boats, and we crossed over to another off road. I call it the the Double XX trail. Previous time I had 3 tries to get up the first hill, but had a practice ride in between and got up. Loose gravel has been dumped on the hill, but I had the line in my head.


Double X means to me X rated the climb and the descent. Above novice, more like intermediate level.


Jimmy up first, then me, but I let the other guy go ahead. Jess and locally he's a Class A road racer. First mistake, he didn't find the right line and slowed dramatically over loose stones. I'm right behind him and have to stop, naturally fell but it was minor. Too hard to start from there so went all the way back down. Second attempt, piece of cake, I got up...600m to the top. We cruised over and rode up top on dirt. Nothing in that but downhill will follow. In 3 previous attempts I walked down.


So Jimmy again.."I'm going ahead and will take pictures"....ok by me but don't expect me to pose. The drop is in 2 segments, I tried to unlclick but my R foot kept clicking back in. Keep it brief...I did not turn the pedals over and made it down. Pictures maybe on FB..maybe here later.


We got down and met the 4th rider.


We reversed the earlier route, again novice level, but again ridden at pace. I saw the guys waiting for me but not as much as before. I used my road bike technique and hit my gear changes to get over the reverse hills that we did in the beginning. I noticed spinning up the hills allowed me to keep contact with Jimmy who was standing a bit...I wouldn't say he didn't wait, but I was not dropped either.


Nice training ride. 2hrs 15 min plus my commute time.


Got a free tune up and shorten the chain from Jess...and he got my old forks...

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Had a whole series of mishaps. Cracked rim and double puncture.


7 PM...I'm home. Have pasta cooking. Gina looks relaxed...


Race time 1 PM...I have done everything I can training wise.


27km all off road feature 1km over sand dunes.

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Went extremely well and it's my first official finish in 3 races.


And I got awarded as oldest rider.


The course featured extensive sandy patches. I used again, The Keeper's tips to ride fast and straight. Everyone walked over a 200 m sandy segment. The main hills were close to the finish. I missed one critical gear change all race. I felt a dramatic improvement on the air forks I Installed last week.


I raced Over 50....9th/16 entrants. Hope to write a report today.


Sorry for all guys in Queensland who missed 2 days of racing. I'm skipping today's event in another location. We had a few drinks and got home late.


The race was sponsored by Emerador Brandy, I got a free 750 ml bottle. Podium's here 8 deep in 4 Cat's plus the Ladies Div....Top 3 cash and multiple awards, then medals down to 8th. Free food, open bottles of brandy all over.


I did say earlier it was free, that applied to Sunday's race. Here we paid 50 pesos, $1.25 and everyone got a free T shirt.

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