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Looking for further info on tyre width. I ride a combination of loose and hard packed sand, loose and hard dirt and small loose stones from grape to apricot size. My bike came with 2.25 tyres. I am not entirely happy with the grip especially on loose sand. I am thinking wider tyres would be the go. How wide cpuld/should I go on standard 26 rims?

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2.25 is pretty standard width and used by most. I'm not sure tyre width is your problem.

Run lower tyre pressure. if you are roughly 80kgs, try 30psi. if you are 70kgs try 22-25psi.

Some frames won't take much wider. Especially if it is an XC bike.


It could also be the way you put out power. MTBers tend to get the power down smoother not losing traction. Being of a roadie back ground I would suspect you power application in low grip situations is not smooth.

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I'm pretty much bang on 100. I run 35 rear and 30 front. Rear shock at 210 psi. Have not converted to tubeless as yet. The local advanced group have a requirement of minimum 2.5 inch tyres and tubeless or don't come along.


The loose sand is not for any great duration but will be the odd 10-20 metre stretch that appears out of nowhere. When I say loose I mean like a beach above the high water mark. It usually manages to pool on corners of tracks. There also some sharp rocks and heaps of these needle thorn things.

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Any case for a 2.25 front, 2.0 back? As some riders do in my area.

Juat depends on the course. 2.1 comes standard on a lot of hardtails whereas duallies tend to come with 2.25 or wider. Deep sand can be a bitch and with the O/P being 100kg running 2.25 @30/35 psi and 26" you will sink unless travelling at a great rate. Go as wide as possible up front with as low a pressure as you can run without feeling squirmy or getting pinch flats. Apart from that, hit sand as straight and as fast as possible, lean back and avoid turning in it.

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