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Mountain Biking Nepal

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I'm going to Nepal in May for Holidays and was thinking on taking a day to do some mountain biking


Is there a shop or operator somebody can recommend so I can hire a tour for a day or half day?


I'm looking to exploring some trails and getting a decent workout at the same time



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If you are staying in Thamel (main tourist area) there are a few shops there, all with tours available or just rent and ride.

We went with Dawn till Dusk (on CW's recommendation!) and ended up just doing a 60km loop to a nearby town which (on clear days at least) you can see the Himalayas. We went with 2 locals which helped with directions. https://www.strava.com/activities/136874425

It might be worth paying some extra $$ for the MTB company to guide you as it's a nightmare navigating out of the city without someone to give directions - it's a very crowded, polluted place in Kathmandu!


Also the bikes there are mare your basic entry level MTB which was fine for what we did (some dirt roads including one steep descent).

It's a great experience though, set aside a day or two for it and you'll have a great time

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