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Daughter says bollocks to all you Sharkie haters 😆  

I think it's only fair to expel the Sharks and remove them from the record books, Lance style.  

Perhaps he meant 'Flanagan by proxy.  Like last time'

Posted Images

Take your pick


Players out injured

Peptides not available

New board with no idea

Ongoing ASADA investigation

To focused on property developments and not football

New rules dont suit the team

Fafitta walking out on them

Not returning to the spiritual origins of the club at Sutherland oval

Et knocking of his best mates mrs

Spiking membership packages

Beer lines to long at shark park

Calling shark park remondis stadium

Horror draw

God gates them


Probably more, that'll do.


Seriously, not looking good, next three weeks are crap, might beat the warriors if lucky, two weeks after that are crap, could be on zero or two points after 6 rounds.


Gotta go home to Sutherland Oval

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It started to go wrong from the minute carney had his hair done.

Carney in easts form would be brilliant, seemed a bit uninterested which summed up both sides after half time. Fifita looked like he did not care, goofing about with Tafua, think ego pay check and committment not matching up for mr I wish I was playing rugby, give Benji a call

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All Y'all can go eat a supersize bag of dicks ya cunny funts with ya witty Memes and whatnot. Up, Up, Way up, all the friggin way up to the hilt Up Cronulla.

I think we are all out of excuses,though I do need to add the gall hates the pretend coach to the list.


It is very clear to me as of today we will be the first club in the history of the NRL, to go from last place, to sneak into the 8 and win the thing.


Hashtag believe or whatever they do on tweeter

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I'm sure there are forum rules against me posting photos of nob on here, so will just say the pic is of Carney at the urinal peeing into his own mouth.

Go to twitter if you ever need to find a pic.

Think I'll give it a miss.


I'll say it; Carney is just misunderstood. I hear he's quite well read. This incident only arose after he'd read Mahatma Gandhi used to drink his own urine.

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