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The Kingscliff Triathlon is situated in one of the most stunning coastlines in Australia. Swim in the safe Cudgen Creek, cycling along the coast line on the flat and fast course and run by the beach in either the Junior, Tempta or Olympic Events.

Run biannually in March and November. November also has the Australian University Championships incorporated into its event program.

Friends, families and spectators are invited to attend and enjoy a great community event with kids, learn to try, sprint and Olympic distance races offering something to everyone.






Bring the family and friends and enjoy our Saturday events:


62km Social Ride: ride around the majestic tweed.

5km Fun Run: do it for the time, for the personal challenge or do it to enjoy the day with friends.





For more info, check out our website http://www.kingsclifftri.com.au/ or contact us at office@qsmsports.com or 07 3124 6099.

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Does this normally sell out? There are about 450 entered so far. Only wondering as I won't know for 100% if I can enter till late next week. If you're getting close to your limit I might chance it and enter regardless.


My mate asked me to ask if this is a fairly flat course? If so, can you add in a little 20% climb somewhere just to piss him off....

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This is my favourite race.


Swim is really fast. Once you get to the first buoy you turn and swim with a current. I think I've swum a 17 minute 1500.

Bike is equally as fast. Flat couple of rough sections on the road but nothing of concern. If you get a later wave wind can sometimes make it a little tougher.

Run is really good. Ripper of a hill. Not long but steep. Always renders me to a good shuffle and as syoung says second lap it burns just that little bit extra.


Quality race.

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So no one has any idea if this sells out, or how early it does? I'm a bit over a week away from knowing if I can do this or not, but would chance an entry if it sells out a month in advance. The attending list doesn't say if it's only for the od, or if it's for all events. About 500 listed so far...

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Goughy, if you're on Facebook, like their page 'Kingsliff Triathlon' where they give regular updates on entries. They posted yesterday to say entries have picked up a bit and to expect to fill up within a few weeks. They have reduced capacity compared to last race also.


The festival will also include a Long Board Championships apparently.

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Just been trying to enter, but when I try and login, or press the book now button, or contact them via their 'ask a question' link in contacts I get this


Fatal error: Call to a member function setState() on a non-object in /home/qsmsport/public_html/components/com_djtabs/models/tabs.php on line 145


Facebooked them, and contacted qsmsports as well. Been trying since yesterday arvo.

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