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Simon Whitfield retires

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I'm pretty sure he always wanted to do a couple of seasons of long course / Ironman AFTER he finished ITU racing & olympics - i.e. after London. I guess either his mind, heart or body isn't up for it anymore. After 12-14 years at the top in short course racing that's pretty understandable - a bit like Miles, the Croc and Hamish Carter I suppose. Kona as a "bucket-list" event by the end of their illustrious career had probably lost it's allure. It certainly didn't add anything to Simon Lessing's triathlon experience & career. Still - 4 Olympic Games - including the inaugural Gold Medal and Silver 8 years later AND a tonne of other big time races ain't shabby. He's probably more cut about never snagging a world championship than missing Kona - although I'm sure his Sydney gold helps salve that particular wound, lol ...

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