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Tri Clubs near Vaucluse, NSW

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Hey Eenie ,


I live in Vaucluse and i am a Member of B.R.A.T (Bondi Running and Triathlon Club)

They are a great bunch of people. I also do a lot of my training around the local area so if you are looking for someone to do the occasional session with let me know. Fortunately this area is blessed with some of the best running and swimming facilities going around!




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Me neither, but why pay good money to get screamed at ?

I'm sure some people enjoy that but not my cup of tea.

Fair point - some people enjoy and some don't. He doesn't coach me - but I used to do his squads for years and found it way more fun than other squads I have done - and got great results.

I think he has mellowed quite a bit in last couple of years too.

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