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I just want the jist... (fFast CC)


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I need a CC guru to explain a few things...


Is there a way to get an Elite Cycling Licence without joining a CC? As far as I can tell fFast (I'm from Brisbane) you can join to get the licence however it allows you the freedom to race whenever and where ever you want (provided the race isn't for other CC members only) ... is this right?


I would like to start racing, but I want to continue to ride with my local tri club so the benefits of club rides wouldn't be much use to me and racing would be limited to 4-5 local crits races a year.


One small thing I'm not sure about, how do I know what Grade I would be in if I were to enter a crit?



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under 30yrs you can only get an elite licence.

you do need to be a member of a cycling club to get your licence, youll then be able to race anywhere in the country.



for grading your best to ask at sign on for your first race, for club racing a general rule of thumb is A grade will avg 40+km/h, B 38+, C 35+, D 32+

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If you only want to do a few races get a three day license.


Ffast has gone. Wen't broke.


I am in HPRW and you don't have to do anything. I never go on club rides ad race whenever I feel like it. I think you are reading way too much into it.


As far as I have experienced it really does not matter which club you join the license will allow you to ride anywhere except closed club events.

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