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The same questions seem to get asked over and over again here, and site search doesn\'t always seem to work very well, so I thought I\'d start this thread (which hopefully gets pinned) with links to answers. I\'ll add new questions as required.


Aero Helmets?

Do they save time?

Thread: 1, 2



Should your average Joe and Joelene wear them?

Thread: 1


Can I wear a helmet that doesn\'t have the Australian Standards Approved sticker, in a race?

Thread: 1



Ironman checklist

Thread: 1


Clincher versus Tubulars

What\'s the difference?

Thread: 1, 2


CO2 inflators/chucks

What\'s the go?

Thread: 1, 2, 3


Compression Garments

Do they work?

Thread: 1


Duty/GST on overseas purchases

What\'s the deal with duty/GST purchases on overseas purchases?

Thread: 1


Flying with bikes

Which discount domestic airline is best for flying with bikes?

Thread: 1, 2


Gluing tubulars

How do you do it?

Thread: 1


Kona tips

Thread: 1



I\'m a beginner, should i get clipless?

Thread: 1


Removing glue from rims

How do I remove glue from my rims?

Thread: 1, 2



Can they be washed in a washing machine?

Thread: 1


Salt and electrolyte tablets?

Which brand, and are they required?

Thread: 1


Tips for novices

Thread: 1


Trainers - fluid versus magnetic

What\'s the difference?



Weight training

Should I do it, and what should I do?

Thread: 1




Thread: 1


Wheels - racing

Wheel bling, Ahhhhhhhhhh - analysis paralysis

Thread: 1


Wheels - training

Less than $500

Thread: 1

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FAQ is for legitimate stuff only.


For query's that come up regularly that are related to training and racing only.


It's a good idea to have an FAQ section, but not if it gets polluted by bullshit.

All posts that don't fit the category will be removed.

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Posting Images

How do I post an image file?


When creating your post you'll notice just above the area your type you post you'll see option buttons.


Select the IMG button which will open a dialog where you can paste the address location of an image file. (web address can be from anywhere, it can be found by right clicking over an image of an existing webpage select 'properties' then copy the address)


select 'OK' and your done.


it will place the code for the image file in your post.

it will look similar to the following.

(although remove the * from whats shown below)




refer to the image attached below for a diagram.





If you have an image on your own computer you will need to open an account & download it to image sharing site such as Photobucket etc. Once that is down you can gain the web URL for the location of your image.



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Reefys Race Checklist



Anti Fog Spray


Swim caps

Swim goggles

Wetsuit and spare wetsuit for pre race or emergency



Arm Warmers

Bicycle computer


Bike Box for food on bike

Bike shoes

Bike Socks

Co2 cartridges and adaptor

Cycle top

Cycle knicks


Pumps - Hand & Track

Puncture Repair Kit

Race Wheels

Rain jacket

Spare Battery for Bike Computer

Spare singles or tyres

Spare training wheels for pre race or emergency

Spare Tubes




Fuel Belt & Water Bottle Holder


Run top

Runners and spare runners for pre race or emergency.

Running Shorts

Running Socks



Baby oil


Body Glide

Carb powder

Compression socks

Electrolyte Powder - e.g. Gatorade/High 5

Food Bars - e.g. Megaburn/High 5

Gels - e.g. Cargo Shotz/High 5

Heart Rate Monitor

ID and Triathlon Australia Licence

Ironman Info kit

Mints for after swim

Muesli bars

Protein powder

Race Clothing - Top/Shorts/Niks/Socks/Hat

Race Number Belts

Raffle Tickets

Safety pins

Skins for recovery

Sunnies + spares




Training Schedule/Book


Water Bottle Bidons








Battery charger



Clock Radio

First aid kit

Lots of food

Mobile Phone & Charger

Pen and paper






Beer at least four days supply

Chair to sit on at race


Credit card

Esky at least 60 litres

Fishing rod

Golf clubs


Have a good time

Plenty of ice

Quick shade




Toothbrush/Breath Fresher

Umbrella/Rain jacket

Your voice

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Perhaps we could have a thread here for questions about Azzuri.

Certainly there are enough enquiries about them to justify it, along with Pee Pee's association/familiarity with the site.


Or, if that is seen to be too close to advertising/endorsing the brand, perhaps a bike review or a which bike should I buy thread or a Bike Porn thread? We have enough questions about those...




edit: spelling :lol:

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Q:Should I send my Polar unit into Pursuit-performance to change the battery?


A: Yes, you should. Why? Because a watch person or Mr Minute (not yoyo) doesnt have the little gaskets to renew when you take the back off the watch. Most wont pressure test the unit either.

Just call Pursuit-Performance and speak to the service people.

If you have a Wear Link HRM strap then you can do it yourself. Get yourself some NON PETROLEUM based grease to put on the gasket provided.

HERE is the link to the service page. Express post, courier or register post it to them. DO NOT trust Aust. Post and stick it in a non traceable post bag. Priority service is available for a fee.

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To view the most current topics (regardless of forum location ie: Trichat, Sandbox, Tritrade etc.) simply select "Today's active topics" located in the Board Statistics area in the lower area of the main forum index page.

An option is also available to "Get active topics for" 'past week' 'past 2 weeks' etc. (see lower border of listed threads)

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Various Software training and recording programs/webpages.





Garmin Connect

Training Peaks.

Excel Training Diary This is pretty full on (as in awesome, originally from Will The Frenchman?)

Training in Excel format (any questions send them Stikmans way, he created it and is happy to share it.)



Beginner Triathlete

iSmart (for Mac)

Ascent (for Mac)

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If you feel a need to Ignore any members posts

Select your Control Panel (top right corner of the screen, at your login)

Then go to 'Manage Ignore Prefs'

add the users name you wish to ignore and any additional parameter eg: Messages (will also block any PM's from that user).

Save Changes.


You can edit the settings again at any time.


Using the Ignore setting will keep the 'ignored' members posts hidden from view albeit there will be an option to view the post within the topic.

However the 'ignore' will not block any quoted text from said user.

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I think some of the responses so far further demonstrate what Trev is on about. I totally agree with what he has said.



Yeah, but it can be percieved as being as bad as Jabbs generalisations, we are all getting a lecture over the behaviour of three or four.

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Yeah, but it can be percieved as being as bad as Jabbs generalisations, we are all getting a lecture over the behaviour of three or four.


That's true I didn't think of that, well not completely at least.

It's not everybody of course and like Sam's comment above questioning 'was that me?', I'd say it's for all who reads but if it's thought hmm.. part of that could be me, then it probably is (myself included).

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Trev, was that directed at me?




I would think that if trev was directing something solely at you he would send you a pm and not post it on the forum. This is something for the general forum to take on board.

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Hey Trev


I get that this forum means different things to different people. Some come here for tips, some for a laugh. Some want to stay on topic and some don't mind where the conversation wanders so long as it is an interesting journey.


But I have noticed that the level of personal attack does seem higher now than (say) this time last year. And I am not talking about people having a laugh or sledging each other. I am talking about personal insults.


If I express a view on a thread and someone disagrees and replies, "Hey Lilo - you musta been eatin' too many donuts lately as the transfats are clearly cloggin' up your brain on this one :smile1: ", then I have no problem with that whatsoever - good humoured banter and it will bring a smile to my face every time.


But to get called "an idiot" or "emotional" just for having a view that disagrees with someone else? I really don't get that.


Trev, you and I are the top posters on the Lance/USADA thread (with over 157 posts between us) but have managed to disagree with each other without ever calling each other names and without losing our sense of humour (and yes, neither of us could have posted so well for so long without the PEDs :smile1: ). And many other posters are the same.


But you seem right in thinking that for some, it appears difficult for them to disagree with a contrary point of view without making some non-humourous derogatory comment about the other person rather than the view that they have expressed.


Anyway, maybe it is a passing fad. But like you, I have noticed an increasing tendency to attack the person making the point rather than the point itself.

Edited by The Glycogen Lilo
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I think you will find that alot of people don't log into trannies as much/or at all because of this behaviour.


Its a shame, trannies used to be such a great site.

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I haven't been a member very long, but visit almost everyday - yes I am inexperienced and I am looking to learn. Among many positives, the overall tone of the place is intimidating, and like many forums that have been going a long time seems "cliquey".


Still, among the arguing, insults and feeling like the new kid at school I can find something to take away each day - all is not lost.


Maybe one day I will be able to contribute in a positive manner, until then Peace to all :smile1:

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i really dont get this thread


instead of starting a group therapy thread Trev which we all know will not prove cathartic for the ones who need it.......


just starting deleting all crap you see heading that way- dont offer excuses or explanations to them- you can bloody well do what you want- the sites owner can too- you have her blessing


if every time one of these unsavoury contests starts up you shut it down then they'll get sick of it


go for it mate- nobody is going to regret it

Edited by Jimmy C
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I hope people don't stop logging on and posting. :( I have made several really good friends through Transitions and have also received some excellent advice and help. If the "normal (ie non troublesome) Trannies stop posting, then the stirrers win. I agree with Jimmy C. Trev (and Bernie) just delete the crap with no explanations. Those of us who appreciate Transitions for it's positive "stuff" are not affected at all and those who don't like can bugger off!!!!!

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I reckon it's best not to reply to hateful posts. If everyone just ignores a hateful post especially the target, it just makes the poster look (and possibly feel themselves) a bit silly. This way it's preserved for posterity sitting there in the middle of a thread unresponded to. This way the perpertrator might actually give up once they realise they're talking to thin air.

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