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TriTrade Guidelines.

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TriTrade has been open for the good will of all members and guests it is a free noticeboard service for posting selling or wanted items only.

Transitions in no way can garantee the legitimacy of any sale nor can garantee the safety of the seller or buyer, all transactions are taken at your own risk.

Any suspicious sales can or will either be removed or temporary warnings given (unless the seller can prove it's legitimacy).

Any user to abuse the TriTrade forum, with either bogus sales or false member's posting to generate interest etc. are not welcome.

Any abuse of tritrade both (legal and ethical), that user will no longer be welcome to use tritrade and may or will be banned from tritrade or the complete forum (this is at the discretion of the owner and admins to decide).

Transitions has no way of verifying any sale/purchase nor any of the stated claims (by the seller) of condition or whether there is any form of warranty.

Transitions aim to minimise as best we can the potential threats of dodgy sellers. They are not welcome here and we do not wish for anybody to be taken in by those potential threats.
If that can not be understood by anyone, then I'm sorry we simply can not help you and suggest you go elsewhere to sell your items and/or products.

A few basic items you can add to your post (where applcable)

- Size
- Colour
- Condition
- Age
- Location of goods
- Contact details
- Price

Providing a photo of the sale item always helps (refer to FAQ for help with posting images)

Avoid making outlandish claims regarding the product, stick to the facts.

Do not SHOUT, it's unnecessary in either the heading or your post.

If you have no interest in purchasing the product then don't post, those post serve no purpose and maybe removed.

Members must have a minimum count of 5 posts to be eligible to post within TriTrade.
(this is to help eliminate spam sellers)

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Race and Event entries:


Any advertising of race entries that contravenes the terms and conditions of the race is strictly forbidden. In simpler English, if you bought a race entry with terms and conditions that state you are not able to transfer it or onsell it, do not attempt to advertise it on Transitions or else the thread will be deleted.


Likewise do not advertise the desire to purchase a race entry to a race that is already sold out where the terms and conditions do not allow transfer of entries.

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