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"There is nothing more painful than regret" - That's in my signature.


Is there anything you regret?


Tonight I regret picking the Eels.


In life - I'm not sure I regret sending my kids to a private school but I have doubts everytime I pay the fees. :lol:


There are many many things in life that I doubt that I've made the correct choice but I don't think there are any I regret.

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If you had, would you have missed the job opportunity you just received?

Probably not.


Over the last 6 months I missed out on several Queensland jobs purely because I wasn't already a resident there.

I reckon I could have resigned and moved up 6 months ago and picked up a job easily if I was living there.


Then again, I could have resigned and let Mrs AJ support the family for awhile. (We did discuss this possibility)

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