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Here's a request.....


Mods can you move it to "Ten Questions" after a while.


Q1. So what’s your age, what state do you live in and what got you into Triathlon?


27, Brisbane, few years ago @ 24 I got forced into doing the bike leg at Noosa without even owning a bike I went out and bought a Giant TCR off ebay with clip on's and away I went, did it with 3 weeks of training and after the race I was totally smashed pumped up and looked around at the 8000 others doing the full distance and thought what an awesome sport. Gave up touch football the next week and was hooked on swim bike run!



Q2. You got 4th in your AG in your first HIM, did that not motivate you to improve your swim and go for a top 3?


Absolutely, I have a zero swimming back ground, my first ever triathlon a few years ago straight after the noosa bike leg, my legs were shaking before the start of the 400m swim! survived by doing breaststroke for most of it.


Particular for long course tri's I don't think there is any rush to



Q3. A season or two and you’ve ditched Triathlon for cycling. Why the change?


For some reason when I was getting into triathlon obviously my swims were slow, my runs were above average after school boy running, but my biking with no previous history was excellent, I just found it 'easy' and just loved doing it.


I missed qualifying for the OD Gold Coast worlds last year by crashing during the last qualifying race, and I was totally gutted to have missed out, I put in so much work, learning to swim, dodging running injuries was in the best possible shape for it all to be lost on one wet roundabout.


Had no motivation over winter as all my training partners were training for Gold Coast I was about to sell my stuff on Ebay when one of my cycling mates convinced me to do a C grade road race 97k's, had zero fitness I didn't get dropped and I was hooked and motivated to get fit again. Although I just could not get back into swimming, tried a few times and left the pool each morning frustrated I had a realization one morning that I don't have to do anything I don't want to do.. don't want to swim, don't care to much about running may as well try cycling only for a while?


I got lucky and got asked to join a sponsored team that offered heaps of support and can support riders from C grade up to NRS elite,



Q4. How did you get into The Tour of Toowoomba?


Our team owner / director what ever, has a goal of racing his elite riders at the NRS level year round, having a NRS race in our back door was a excellent opportunity for him and us to learn what it takes to direct and us to ride at that level. We did not dominate although we were not blown away by the level either and finished around Th in the GC out of 125 starters


Am hoping to race the Tour of Gipsland next week.


Q5. How many kays are you clocking up a week? Are you still running and swimming?


on the bike doing 400-600k 15-20 hours, what is running or swimming again?



Q6. I guess it has to asked, when/will you plan on becoming an Ironman?


Defiantly. The distance to me I don't find a challenge, but I do respect doing the distance fast, when I do it im going to do it fast! Im very impressed with the older age groups that can still punch out smoking times so I don't feel the need to rush into it, and can hopefully use whats left of my youth and find out how good I can get at cycling, and then use my developed aerobic system in long course Triathlon after I retire from cycling!



Q7. So you’re a World Champion in Sailing. Sailing? How did you get into sailing?


I got into sailing at age 10, parents got me into it in a $200 shoe box with a sail and dad would take me fishing in it up the burrum river! It took a few years of racing but I started getting good. Through out the years have won heaps of state and National Championships, a medal at the Youth Worlds, raced in numerous world championships all over the world, been part of the AIS and was on the Olympic team but unfortunately did not qualify. After the 2003 and not qualifying I spent alot of time on many professional yachting teams.


I learnt alot about life and sport being part of these teams. I learnt how to lift my head space to a whole new level and this didn't just apply to sailing, the same formula applies to all sports, work and life in general.



Q8. Being a world champion in sailing, is that like AG for Triathlon? Do they have all the same classes in the Olympics?


There are many levels and divisions in sailing. there are dinghy's, there are yachts, there are short races, there are long races, there are handicap races, there are round the world races, there are round the world solo races, then there is Jessica Watson that floated around the world.


Winning the Etc hell worlds is basically the pinnacle of armature sailing, The etchell is a one design boat sailed with 3 or 4 crew with the biggest names in sailing competing. At the 2009 worlds there were multiple Olympic medalists, Americas Cup champions and multiple world champions. It is the best of the best sailors, racing in one design boats. We won because we had an amazing team and it was build on the foundations of what I learned racing with the pros. We beat much better older wiser sailors than our self's because of our team work.



Q9. Have you got a family trust or what? You seem to get involved in some expensive pastimes!


:lol: I wish. seriously that would be awesome :lol: In sailing I have been lucky to have been given the opportunity to sail on other people's boats and spending other people money.

After school I got lucky with some risky investments. I don't do anymore as I have accepted that I was on the good side of variance and got set up enough to buy some property, renovate, move back home buy another renovate move home etc etc..


Disclaimer: I do have excellent supporting parents



Q10. What keeps you coming back to Trannies? Say over cycling or sailing forums?


As much as people bag this place its actually the best forum I regularly post at, I have posted at heaps of others forums that are in line with my other hobbies cycling, sailing, diving, fishing etc. Transitions does have a good vibe to it, as everyone is separated by 1 deg of separation it keeps everyone in check

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Tour of Toowoomba on sbs atm, but only the crit left! I've missed most of it. pissed off

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