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Why is motorpacing so good?

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I found doing team time trial training excellent and would have a similar effect provided you are all of a similar level. One hour of hard lactate training works wonders. At the end of the hour you feel great and I usually surprised myself as to what I could do when pushed. I must say that whilst doing the effort I didn't feel so good.

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Guest Rentakill

I found it excellent yesterday morning motorpacing at Kurnell on the back of a front end loader heading out to a construction site at 45kmh.... very pleasant.

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Went motorpacing yesterday. Carey Hall on the bike, me licking the headstem. I don't think i've worked that hard for 90 minutes before. Didn't help that every now and then the bastard would smile (i could see him in the rear view mirror when I was hiding in the echelon (slight cross wind)) and then pull away and off to the side and make me do a turn. Definitely beneficial, if you have the mindset to keep your front wheel on the rollbar.

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