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Original IM Dave Orlowski at IMOZ

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Dear Athletes and Friends


In 1978 the First Ironman Triathlon was started by 15 athletes who undertook the challenge of swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and then running 26.2 miles all in one day. Nobody thought this was humanly possible nor would finish. 12 athletes proved this wrong and finished this challenge with a 3rd place finish by myself.


After 30 years of not doing an Ironman, I went back in 2008 for the 30th anniversary of Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. Having completed the event again I again became inspired with the goal of completing all 24 Ironman's around the world in 5 years. Last year I went on to complete 6 Ironmans toward my goal. In doing this I am also taking one event to do as a fundraiser for a good cause and give something back with your help. In 2009 I did an event for Challenged Athletes Foundation which with your help changed the lives of some physically challenged athletes.


In 2010 I have scheduled 7 Ironman's to do. On March 27 I will be doing the Ironman Australia-Port Macquarie. I will be doing this event as a fundraiser for the John Maclean Foundation. John is Australian and an individual who will inspire anyone who gets to talk to him. John was struck by a truck while cycling and training to become a professional rugby player at a young age in the 1990's. John lost the use of his legs and went through years of rehab. John did not let this keep his desire to be an athlete alive. John went on to be the first physically challenged athlete to complete Ironman and swim the English Channel after several attempts at it. John has competed in 2 Olympics and recently won a silver medal in Beijing in rowing. These are just some highlights of his accomplishments. John has a foundation to help other physically challenged athletes in his country. John's foundation helps others reach some of their dreams by providing wheelchairs and other equipment.


You can help by going to www.jmf.com.au On the home page, you will find an original picture of me in the 1978 Ironman where you can click on and donate. I know the economy is tough and any size donation whether small or large will help change the lives of many.


Thank you for your help in supporting this cause!


Dave Orlowski

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Sadly dave orlowski has died. 

I had the pleasure of doing Kona in 2011 with Dave and spend some time with him in Australia as well. 

he was one of those guys who was an awesome story teller.  



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Sad day 

i knew dave very well as we met at UMOZ when he crew for a guy from Syd with crowie

after that we met up at kona every year since 

once he found out I have leukaemia also he really took me under his wing and we have been in contact ever since 


amazing guy and I’ve been privileged enough to be with him bob Babbitt (bob did the second IM and several after)and ironmike all chatting together just with incredible passion about tricathalon

the world is better for having him here and is now lost of a remarkable and truly genuine fellow 


one special guy gone 

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Sigh......seems so long ago. Wrecked knee (15 months on....still can't kneel on it) and now lower back issues (hoping I can sort this through stretching etc). My only mini wish is to run 3 to 5 km. Just to feel the joy of running. 😊

Although 2008 was my return race.... 🤔🤣

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