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Blackmore's Running Festival 2008 and 2018

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I’m in as well, committed last week with no specific marathon training. A close friends family has been rocked with the diagnosis of aggressive Breast cancer 2 weeks ago, and a heap of us at work are running to raise money to ease the financial burden through Chemo. Kitty, my fiends wife, has been training for this race for a year, to run her first marathon to celebrate her 42nd birthday. She will still attempt it tomorrow, and have surgery on Wednesday. Amazingly strong woman.

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32 minutes ago, Tall Paul said:

I’ve made the trip down from sunny Qld to run the marathon. Will be wearing my trannies visor so be great to say hi to any fellow trannies along the way 

No one will be able to see the visor up that high. Good luck!

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9 hours ago, FatPom said:

Is Nealo still with us?

I was pacing a mate for 4hrs and started at the back of the B group, the pacers were way off to the front and we could hardly see them although we eventually did with the million U-turns we had to do.

Toilet stop at 10km(for us both), lost 90s but got it back. Toilet stop at 30km (for my mate not me) lost another 90s but we were still on target at 34km.

Somewhere in the 34-35km range my mate got slammed by cramps. So for the next 7-8km he went from cramping hamstrings,to cramping calves to cramping groin. When I wasn't yelling abuse to get started again I was laughing, it was quite funny.

Ended up with 4:08

Would I have got under 4 on my own? Maybe, maybe not. I finished quite fresh because of all the stopping but most likely wouldn't have been that fresh without the stops. I was fine walking or running but every time I had to get going I had massive pain in my left knee on the outside where the calf muscle joins it, really weird feeling. Today that's pretty much the only issue I have which feels good after a Marathon for a change. I was in not shape to go for a PB and I got great satisfaction assisting my mate through his first.


The Course

A massive improvement on what I did 10 years ago. They've done everything they can to get rid of the hills, especially in the last 10km.

Lots of music and entertainers out on course which was a great distraction, although a few more toilets in the first half would have been welcome, saw lots of queues.

The scaffold bridge in Hyde Park over Park st was like a trampoline, if was awesome while on it but when you came off the ground felt so hard again!

Incorporating Barangaroo is brilliant too, it'll be even better once it's finished off.

Overall no complaints about the course except the U-turns

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