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murgatroyd xavier jabbasaurus II

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For those that are interested.....


Alexander James Unicomb was born yesterday 2/6/03


3.315kg, 51cm.


Better looking than his Dad - but has a square head just like him.


Track cycling, Footy, surfing or Boxing for him - none of that silly triathlon business!


Mums good.


Very Proud Dad. :lol:

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Congratulations boxhead (Oh and Mrs Unicomb as well) ............

But something Dolphy reeeeaaallllyyyy wants to know and something the rest of us are mildly curious about.................

What about his "tongue"??????


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Yes Jabs...........................very interested in the size of his tongue!


I noticed another photo being sent around of other parts of his anatomy!!!! ha ha ha! Had a good ol chuckle at that one!


:lol: Congrats on a beautiful baby boy :dolphin: - and let us all hope that he does NOT end up with an appendage as large as yours!!!! (..........................tongue ;) that is!!!! Oh BEHAVE!!! :lol: )


Dolphy :D

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With so much to live upto, I think a nickname is required ASAP.


Suggestions anyone?


- Son of Jabba

- Jabba the Bubba

- Tri-pod

- Mini Jabba (or if the photo is real MASSIVE JABBA!)


Can you imagine if this site hangs around until Bubba Jabba is is a PRO Triathlete!!! He will have been coping stick for 18 years!!!


What's the tongue length like Jabba?


That's it I've got it!!! "TONGUE OF JABBA"


In the words of the great shire super coach "Played hard - did good Jabba" - Congrat's


King Sluggo


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Well... I sent a personal greeting on the arrival of your Great Alexander... and here's a public one too!


~~ Congratulations Christine, Tony & their gorgeous little babe, Alexander ~~


Happy days!


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